part and parcel: Alison.

i always love featuring my mama friends on part & parcel because i think their bags will be drastically different than mine. i’ve been finding – besides the tonka trucks – there is a lot of crossover. especially snacks, because i love a good snack. you never know when you’re going to get hangry, and it’s best to be prepared.

alison’s backpack – something i’ve also been rocking – covers all the bases. this mama-on-the-go is prepared for any situation and looks so stylish doing it. for photos of the cutest kids, great family fashion and tough workouts, you’ll want to follow alison on instagram. but for now, let’s take a peak inside her bag.



my bag looks a lot different than it did four years ago. i love me a classy black cross body purse and still switch it up to one of those when i don’t have my two little sidekicks with me {when is that?! ha} but most days i am rocking a backpack! with two kids {one in each hand!} a backpack was a total game changer for me! i love my new grey Kute’n’Koo one but I switch between that and my super casual Boken Essentials backpack – perfect for our day to lives and weekend adventures.

what’s inside?

kirkland wet wipes
even when my kids aren’t with me, my wet wipes are my best friend. dusting the truck at a red light, cleaning my boots, wiping sweat off my face after teaching SurfSet – you name it. but mostly for sticky fingers and messy faces.

water bottles
a contigo water bottle for me and munchkin no spill water cups for the kids. we drink a lot of water and the moment we get in the truck Ryder asks for water.

must have snacks!! usually a selection of Lara Bars {coconut cream pie} & Kids Clif ZBar {iced oatmeal} & Love Child Organics Bars {cherry spinach}. my kids have this terrible habit {that i clearly started} of needing a snack every 15 minutes it seems. some may think my name is snack as i hear it more than Mom most days. most days. ;)

vaseline and bath & body works bare mint gloss
winter or summer my lips are dry so i am always putting vaseline on my lips but also love a little shimmer to make me feel a little put together even if i rarely really am.

my phone
mainly for the camera. photos as my love language and i LOVE love love taking photos of my kids. plus google maps saves my life most days. i am SO directionally challenged.

poop bags
mainly for the dog if we stop for random walks.

randoms: wallet, a couple diapers, sunscreen, hair elastics, chocolate if i’m lucky, plackers {because having something stuck in your teeth is the worst} and tissues.


what are your essentials?