calgary winter survival guide

real winter is calgary isn’t as much fun as the pretend, above-zero winter we experienced until mid-december.

now it’s just cold. cold and dry. cold and dry and snowy. i fully understand why bears hibernate. i, too, would like to eat a lot and then comfortably sleep for long periods of time.

instead, i’ll be putting on every piece of clothing i own and walking to and from the train in the bitter cold temperatures.

to be able to protect myself, and my delicate skin, i arm myself with some of my favourite and most soothing products to keep me happy until spring.



bee lovely all over balm – neal’s yard remedies

cracked elbows and heels always come to say hello to me in the winter. it’s so dry in calgary that you need to up the water intake, and also get all the smoothing and moisturizing products. this deeply nourishing, organic body balm instantly relieves dry and rough patches of skin. it is easily absorbed, with the uplifting aroma of organic orange essential oil, to keep you soft and beautifully scented. you’ll also support more than 500 bees with every balm, as 3% of sales go to charities that help protect this humble, vital insect.

peppermint lip butter – rocky mountain soap company

not only does peppermint smell good, it’s refreshing and offers relief to dry, irritated, itchy, cracked lips. the lip butter is made of a blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and sesame oil, which combines to create a moisture bomb that your lips will love. their products are completely natural, and mostly organic if that matters to you.

spa spirit – saje wellness

while calgary may get frigid, it is thankfully very sunny. while i love liquid sunshine, i don’t have to turn to essential oils to boost my moods in the greyness – i’ll leave that for vancouver and south western ontario. i use spa spirt for it’s purifying qualities. it’s the diffuser version of throwing open the windows to air the place out. it also doesn’t hurt that the calming and uplifting blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit and benzoin turns my living room into a restful sanctuary.

summer honey – drizzle

because who doesn’t want to hold onto summer for dear life? while aja offers spring and holiday spiced varieties, the summer is my favourite. the light, sweet flavour is delicious, but also makes it the perfect honey for baking. drizzle is raw, unheated, sustainable honey, rich with healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. raw honey is exceptional for sore throats and digestive issues. two things that are synonymous with the winter.

luxury lush pud – lush

when it’s basically dark all the time, all you want to do is sleep. anything that contains lavender is going to be your best ally. this bath bomb will be pretty in your tub, plus creamy benzoin resinoid soothes and protects chapped, dry skin, while the lavender oil and sweet, warm tonka banish tension and aid relaxation.

immunity – the gut lab

sickness is around every corner in the winter. it seems like there is always someone in the office with a cold, and sneezing and coughing on public transit is plentiful. a sprinkle of this immunity potion into a smoothie, soups and daily dishes, you’ll have all the weapons needed to fend off the flu. ‘sunshine’ is also one of my favourites. sip on a bright yellow, delicious turmeric latte and receive the anti-inflammatory benefits.

what are a few of your winter saviours?