seventh heaven.

happy birthday to s&s! this little slice of the internet turns 7 today!

it really doesn’t feel like that long, but in all actuality, it has been much longer.

before s&s i wrote a blog called (off)TheRightTrack. it focused on recovery from a bad ankle injury (pre-leg break), general fitness and lifestyle. i detailed my physio and platelet injection procedures as well as sister’s and my first trip to Boston. i worked on self-esteem and yoga poses. every post title was actually a song lyric – a fact i never shared, and it seemed no one picked up on.

i stopped writing it in august 2010 because of a troll. an internet troll ahead of his time, who wanted his buddy to get the job that a 24-year-old blonde girl (me) did instead. he tore deep. he said really nasty things. and my brand new boss was hesitant. being 24, i gave in to the troll and the boss and retired from blogging.

four months later i realized that was stupid and made my triumphant return with s&s. i still have the troll blocked on twitter, and forgave the boss almost immediately.

in the last seven years, i’ve moved across the country, broke my leg, saw my friends get married and have babies, shared all my dating adventures, had a lot of fun giveaways, and so much more.

i learned how to take much better photos, and rebranded three times – s&s used to have a lot of pink and blue on it and looked like a gender reveal.

i’ve worked on mending heartbreak, shared my test pages, and took deep dives into my friends’ purses and gym bags.

i have been lucky to work with some really incredible brands and even better pr people behind the brands. i have formed friendships with these people, which is always more rewarding than any business deal.

the internet has also introduced me to many friends – thank you for always reading and commenting. i write for me, but happy you’re sticking around for the fun.


as a little thank you, i am giving one s&s reader a not-sponsored-by starbucks gift card. all you have to do is leave a comment and share a s&s memory – how we met, a favourite post, how you found it, etc. i’ll pick a winner on wed, jan 10.