city staycation.

i started this year with only one vacation in mind, then i remembered at some point i’ll have to fly home to see my parents once they are back from their respective snowbird adventures. other than that i’m going to hang out around the rockies, spending my time scaling mountains.

this is a cutback from last year when i seemed to be shouting “au revoir” every six weeks with three trips to Toronto, San Francisco, Boston, and Vegas. i basically just kept my suitcase packed with the essentials and overwatered my favourite plant so she wouldn’t die on me while i was away.

i’d much rather live with my passport close by, knowing i’m always ready to jet set at the drop of a (very fashionable) hat. the majority of the time you’ll find me daydreaming of travel. as the cute saying goes, i haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

i have a very bad habit of booking return flights to land at 8 a.m. so i can go straight from the airport to the office. it’s all about maximizing my time away.

saying this, it has also instilled in me the importance of a good sleep. i learned this the hard way when leaving San Fransisco. i accompanied Jenn to the airport for her redeye, but i wasn’t flying out until 6 the next morning. instead of wanting to pay for a hotel room i’d have to check out of at 4 a.m., i decided just to sleep at the airport. San Fran is known for this, there is even a website dedicated to helping you find the most ideal places to get some shuteye.

this was probably one of the worst decisions i’ve made. especially now that you can book a hotel from your phone at great day-of rates from apps like Hotel Tonight (get $25 off with my code: lbridgman1), or get money back when you book through Ebates.

i slept for maybe two 20-minute periods and spent the rest of the time wandering around the terminals, charging my phone, and playing candy crush. i arrived back in calgary exhausted and not ready for my nine-hour workday.

if i’m not staying with family or friends, you’ll now find me in a hotel the night before i fly home.

if you’re flying out of calgary, i’d suggest the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel. located between the new international terminal, and domestic departures, you won’t have to worry about commuting from your hotel to the airport. as soon as you check out, you’re mere minutes from your gate.

Marriott Hotels also have some of the most comfortable beds amongst hotel chains, and if you like a good shower, you’re in the right place.

floor-to-ceiling windows feature views of the cityscape, the prairies and the rocky mountains; some also offer views of the airport runway. a runway doesn’t always sound the most alluring, but when you’re cozied up in a large armchair, watching planes take off with the rockies as their backdrop, coffee in hand, it’s kinda magical.

plus, the hotel is dog-friendly, so you’ll never know which new friends you may meet.

on my last visit there, i sadly did not have to rush off to catch a flight, but i could read the paper and drink coffee in bed.

side note: being a renter with a tight budget, i often feel like i won’t truly become an adult until i buy a new bed – that’s actually comfortable to sleep on – and have the ability to allow natural sunlight to stream in from big windows. when this happens, you’ll find me drinking coffee and reading in bed every sunday morning. i’ll probably be 94, and you’ll probably be dead. 

it also gave me time to enjoy the freshly baked pastries from in-house restaurant Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar, and go for a swim in the indoor pool.

if you’re on your way to an exciting exotic destination or taking a mini staycation, enjoy some r&r with an overnight stay and a good night’s sleep.

thank you, Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel for inviting me to stay for the weekend.