tea time.

sadly, as we’re getting older – and my friends are getting married and having babies – it usually takes an event for us to all get together. gone are the days where we would instinctively meet at Brent and Geoff’s every saturday night, drink in hand, getting ready to take on the dance floor.

now we have family events (weddings, baby showers, etc.) and holidays.

oh, and don’t forget the birthdays!

Brent’s birthday is the first of the year, but when it comes to the ladies, Alyson takes that title.

nine of us got together Sunday to celebrate her being one year older over afternoon tea at Brasserie Kensington.

i hadn’t been to Brasserie before this, but it’s in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city and is known for local ingredients and their simple, hearty, comfort food.

all morning my grandma-self was craving camomile tea and they had a lavender-camomile blend that made my old soul super happy.

here’s what we ate:

prosciutto & housemade pickle crostini
bacon & egg deviled egg
duck rillette banh mi
herb marinated & chilled prawn
salmon gravlax & cream cheese pinwheel with pickled onion

classic brasserie biscuit
cinnamon scone
housemade preserves
devonshire cream

passion fruit gelee
coconut macaroon
cocoa nib sponge toffee
chocolate brownie
lemon meringue tart

my favourite bites were the scone – smothered in devonshire cream and strawberry preserves – and the coconut macaroon. i liked the savoury bites, too, and if i had to just choose one, i’d go with the duck rillette banh mi.

most importantly, i loved getting dressed up to catch up with my girlfriends.

have you ever gone to a high tea?