sneezing in the mountains.

this post is sponsored by Bayer. to make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

when sister comes to visit, i always make sure to stock up on the tissues. sure, we are criers, but mostly it’s for her sniffles.

we’re pretty used to seasonal allergies in the Bridgman household. sister seems to have them most of the time, but at this time of year, allergies are lurking everywhere. if you’ve ever had to deal with the resulting itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose you know it’s tempting to hide through spring.

this is not an option for us, as every sister visit means a trip out to the Rockies to hike and explore. it’s adventure time all the time.

instead of suffering, i have assembled her an allergy toolkit. what’s in it, you may ask?


there is no such things as too many tissues. i have a box in the living room, one in my bedroom, and another in the bathroom. have i mentioned my condo is approximately 600 sq.ft.? that’s a little space and lots of tissues. i also have travel packs in both our hiking bags as well as a pack of car tissue for the commute. when you feel like you’re constantly blowing your nose, it’s best to make sure there is always a tissue within reaching distance.

essential oils

my hippie ways have infiltrated the family. i now have dad and sister using a few essential oils to help with their ailments – mainly deep breathing. one of my favourites is peppermint. the lovely fresh smell instantly opens everything up and allows you to take deep breaths that fill your lungs up – great for the hiking trail.

Claritin Rapid Dissolve

Claritin Rapid Dissolve is great for on the go. it dissolves instantly on the tongue, no water required, and provides 24-hour allergy relief of itchy and watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. use the minty-tasting tablets to fight pollen, ragweed, grass, dust, pets and mould allergies.

hydraSense Allergy Therapy

for fast relief of eye allergy symptoms at home or on the road, i’ve included hydraSense – an eye drop formulated to relieve allergy symptoms. hydraSense contains clinically proven, naturally-sourced ingredients called sodium hyaluronate and ectoine for effective, long-lasting relief of irritated, itchy, and watery eyes due to dryness and allergies.

water bottle

everything is dry when you have allergies: your eyes, your nose from blowing it, your throat from mouth breathing. it is important to combat this by staying hydrated. i try to aim for 2 litres of water a day, but if i’m being more active – like going on hikes – i try to push this to three. getting used to drinking that much water can be tough and leave you searching for a bathroom, but it’s so good for you for so many reasons.

lip butter

this one goes hand in hand with the water bottle. having chapped lips is a terrible feeling, and while water can help sooth it from the inside, it takes a while. sometimes you need immediate relief. that’s where a really luxurious, moisturizing lip butter comes into play. it will help make your lips ultra soft, but also provide respite from the pain of dry lips.

sister adds: do a bit of research; did you know being allergic to ragweed may also mean you’re allergic to chamomile tea? check the allergy report on the weather networks website and close the windows in your condo if your triggers are at high levels.

we’re off to Jasper for this visit’s adventures – allergy toolkit in hand. we can’t wait for the drive up icefields parkway, stopping at all the waterfalls, and visiting all the iconic sights of the town. it’s one of our grandma’s favourite places to visit, so it brings a lot of great energy with it.

we definitely won’t be missing any adventures because of allergies. have they even held you back? tell me how you combat seasonal allergies.

this post is sponsored by Bayer. to make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.