wedding bliss – and blisters.

this post is sponsored by Bayer. to make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

it seems like the only mail i’m getting these days are wedding invites! you know, the bills are all online now. as the summer wedding invites rush in from oh-so-in-love friends, the first thing that typically comes to mind is “what am i going to wear?” but there’s more to being a wedding guest than choosing the right look; i’ve been told it isn’t about me (though, i’m still not convinced).

with two wedding events this summer, i’ve rounded up a list of what i’ll need to stay comfortable and carefree from “i do” all the way to the midnight buffet!

first up: the bestie.

while the wedding isn’t until new year’s eve, we’re throwing a little engagement party in july. it’ll be a casual and small gathering for afternoon tea, where the families and the bridal party can get to know each other and eat great food (made by yours truly.)

fingers crossed the weather is nice, so we can hold it in the backyard. but being around the pool in ontario’s hot, humid weather means bug repellant! bugs are known summer party crashers. for serious protection from uninvited guests of the insect variety, choose a bug repellant with DEET like Muskol. Muskol will last up to eight hours, so we’re covered even if the afternoon party stretches far into the evening.

the sun isn’t always my best friend either. my pale shade calls for plenty of sunscreen and a wide brim hat. i also need a bottle of water close by and Asprin. get sunstroke once and you’ll be at the mercy of the sun forever. if i start feeling any sickness, or pains, i reach for Asprin Extra Strength because it’s best for fast relief of headaches.

in august, i’m a guest a heather’s inglewood wedding.

i’m a notorious wedding crier. okay, fine, i’m a notorious crier in general. the first thing i pack in my purse is tissues. i sobbed throughout Katey’s entire wedding ceremony in october, and i don’t see it being any different for Heather’s. unlike those who shed a single, beautiful tear, i weep until my face and neck are soaking wet. it’s a really pretty sight (sorry in advance, Jess, for having to put up with me).

i make up for it on the dance floor! doing the running man can really work up a sweat. no one wants to be the smelly kid, that’s why i’m really happy that deodorant wipes were invented. they are a convenient and portable option that fit in any clutch, purse or pocket.

at some weddings, you’ll find a basket of flipflops for when your feet get sore, but don’t rely on the happy couple to supply everything you need to enjoy the day – come prepared! wearing “sensible shoes” isn’t always an option, so i pick-up an insole that can cushion the strain of standing and dancing without tripping up my style. Dr. Scholl’s has brand new ultrasoft leather insoles that add comfort when walking and dancing in heels. as a bonus, they also help to keep my feet fresh and dry!

i’m hopeful for some cute, single, male weddings guests, too. that’s why i always pack a small tin of strong breath mints. you never know if onions and garlic will be on the menu. and you never know how close you’ll end up talking.

the last thing i pack is my red lipstick. my trademark colour, i toss it in my purse after applying for touchups throughout the evening, especially after dinner.

is there something i’m missing? what else should i slip in my purse?

this post is sponsored by Bayer. to make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.