floral print.

i love flowers.

calling a florist and ordering a hand-tied bouquet to celebrate the special people in my life, is one of my favourite gifts to give. my tip: call and talk to the florist and get them to design something when ordering. and ditch the vase; most people have them, and it’s just an extra cost that takes away from the arrangement.

if i could afford it i would have a fresh bouquet in my condo at all times.

if you like pretty things and are on instagram in calgary, there is no doubt that you’ve seen the stunning designs of amborella floral studio.

i’ve always wanted to learn what to do to create a gorgeous floral arrangement of my own, so when i was invited to a workshop at amborella, i replied “YES!” as soon as the email came in.

a group of us gathered around as amborella’s owner, Misha, introduced us to the flowers we were going to use. after Misha shared a few tricks of the trade, and tips on how we want to arrange, it’s was our turn to get to work.

for some reason, i thought that it would be an easier task than it was to make a stunning arrangement.

armed with the tools, flowers and instructions, i was still a bit lost when it came to putting it all together. perhaps we can blame it on my perfectionist tendencies? no matter what i did, it just didn’t look right. more eucalyptus? less? taller? shorter stems? i was left fiddling and moving things around.

here are our final products. what do you think? sister’s (on the right) is much cuter – she has a great eye for design things – but mine isn’t so bad.

it helps to make a beautiful final product when you start with such incredible individual flowers.

not only are they into pretty things, amborella is also concerned about their environmental impact. 95% of the flowers they source are canadian-grown, with the vast majority coming from burnaby, bc.  that allows them to support local while minimizing their carbon footprint. also, all bouquets are wrapped to take home in recycled burlap from calgary-based coffee roasters, Cafe Rosso. rustic-chic with a conscious.

workshops are currently on hold for wedding season but will resume again in the fall. make sure to keep an eye on their website to find out when you can try your hand at it.

if you’re on a budget, like me, but would still like to add flowers to your home, amborella has a flower happy hour on fridays from 3-6 p.m. where older flowers are put on sale for 50% off. it’s a win-win!

have you every tried flower arranging?