oh hello, july.

making: plans to hike with Erin and her mum.

eating: watermelon with a sprinkle of salt.

drinking: berry LaCroix (#basic) or a london fog.

reading: the owner manual of my first electric toothbrush. how have they made something so simple so intricate?

wanting: to cut all my hair off. i’m not going to, just daydreaming about taking scissors to it.

looking: like a librarian. i need some major everyday fashion help.

playing: dress up in all my fancy outfits, even if i don’t have anywhere to wear them to.

wishing: that Stampede wasn’t about glorifying binge drinking and harassment.

enjoying: long weekends with no real plans.

crushing: on my own damn self.

waiting: on being decisive (also known as procrastinating).

liking: my sauna saturdays. i bribe myself with 30 minutes in the infrared sauna at the gym if i get a workout in beforehand.

wondering: what the future holds.

needing: more summer shoes. i literally have one pair of sandals.

hoping: someone breaks into my condo and cleans my kitchen while i’m out.

smelling: the lilacs still in bloom outside of my office.

wearing: hats whenever i can.

knowing: what i don’t know and not trying to fake it.

watching: brooklyn 99.

listening: to the stuff you should know podcast.

noticing: how bright it is still at 10 p.m. (when this grandma is going to bed.)

opening: all the windows while it’s rainy and cool – and before it’s 31 degrees next week.

planning: my best friend’s engagement party in toronto…from calgary.

giggling: at dog videos on instagram. i’ve got a lot of time on my hands.

feeling: spacey.