oh, baby.

have you ever hosted a baby shower?

this concept is very new to me, but with many friends pregnant or with newborns (or even on baby #2), i’ve been introduced to the world of baby showers aggressively and all at once.

i had been a guest at a few, but when i found out that Katey was expecting a baby girl, i took the reigns and organized my first baby shower. with input from mama-to-be, some google searching, and a little bit of my very own creativity, i think the end result was a hit!

here are a few tips for planning a baby shower:

make it personal

a pretty, pinterest-worthy party is incredible, but it’s important to add personality and personal touches. this isn’t a magazine spread, after all (just a blog post). ask the mama about the theme of the nursery, if they have found out the sex of the baby, or if there is something specific they’d like to incorporate. knowing Katey’s decorating style, i made sure to have a soft, neutral colour palette that included blush pink, white, and wood. i also asked both grandma’s-to-be for baby pictures of their children. i had them framed and scattered around the house and paid specific attention to the photos that included parents and children. the bond both of them have with their parents is very strong and we were only able to have one grandma with us at the party.

lots of food

trying to appease everyone’s tastebuds can be really difficult. between preferences, allergies, and aversions, you could drive yourself a little bonkers menu planning. i combat this by providing a lot of food, and different types. make sure there is at least one thing for the vegans, vegetarians, gluten-frees, and meat lovers. when you do something like a tea or appetizers, it can become very easy to plan a menu full of different finger foods. everyone will be happy with choices. you also never know how hungry everyone will be. i aim to make more food than needed; leftovers are always better than hungry guests.

listen to mama

when we first talked about it, Katey was adamant on one thing: no ribbon hat. she felt indifferent about one other topic: opening gifts in front of others. there is something about a semi-circle of on-lookers that can be a little unsettling. so when friends started asking if we were going to open presents soon, i went straight to mama. was this something she wanted to do, or did i need to put out the cease and desist? during the party, she warmed up to the idea, and everyone enjoyed seeing the adorable baby girl clothes.

pay attention to the jealous

often this point refers to the other children that might be around. in our case, Katey’s cat Weasley was feeling very jealous that the room full of women was not for him. instead of him hiding away, or curling up in his bed, he had to be in the middle of everything. he was spoiled with many pats and cuddles, and i took a lot of adorable photos of him. i’m sure he got a few extra treats that day, too.

make it fun

baby showers aren’t usually considered “fun”. they are nice, and pretty, and sweet…but mostly, they are quite dry. i didn’t want bored guests, so i incorporated two games – that had nothing to do with dirty diapers or baby food. the first was reminiscent of a game we played at Katey’s bachelorette. i asked her husband a number of questions and made her guess what she thought he’d answer. the bachelorette version involved shots when she got an answer wrong; the shower version just saw me reading the correct answer. the second game was more interactive. i posted eight photos on a board and asked the group just one question: “is this photo labour, or is it porn?” the laughter, conversation and blushing that came next was my favourite part and made those awkward google searches all worth it. i made it hard on purpose, and everyone seems to have a great time guessing – we had 100% involvement.

mama, guests, and i were all happy at the end of the day. and as long as the first one is, that’s all that matters -an added bonus with the others. good luck if you’re throwing a baby shower in the future, and let me know if you want any of those google photos ;)