oh hello, august.

making: plans to eat all the things during summer feast.

eating: cucumbers and hummus.

drinking: as much water as i can possibly get down. heatwave, ya’ll.

wanting: a car for a few days for some independence and mountain time.

looking: for all the suggestions to eat, drink (coffee), and play in europe.

enjoying: being a little playful and carefree.

crushing: on all the boys.

waiting: for sept 5.

wondering: where do we go now? (#lyrics)

needing: a massage really badly, but both my massage therapist and acupuncture practitioner are busy until mid/end-month.

hoping: this all goes smoothly.

smelling: steak in my neighbourhood and i have no idea which restaurant it’s coming from.

wearing: dresses. every. single. day.

knowing: anxious feelings never last too, too long.

watching: as many sunsets as i can catch.

listening: to the people hollering on my street. it may be this warm weather, but things are getting especially crazy at all times of the day in the beltline.

noticing: a lot of love floating around.

opening: surprise packages from the bestie. cue all the tears.

planning: the trip of a lifetime.

giggling: all night with great friends over delicious food at beautiful restaurants.

feeling: excited.