oh hello, september.

making: a new instagram account for sister and i’s travel adventures: @youandmegoeverywhere.

eating: all the incredible food europe has to offer.

drinking: gassy water (as my grandma calls it) aka orange perrier.

wanting: my back to feel less achy.

looking: for all the suggestions to eat, drink (coffee), and play in europe.

enjoying: life.

crushing: on the one i left behind.

waiting: for september 5.

wondering: what happens now?

needing: one more pair of shoes.

hoping: i’ll be able to change my number to something i want. and that i don’t yell at Rogers in frustration.

smelling: campfires – and not in a sad, BC-is-burning type way.

wearing: hats.

knowing: these next few months are going to be a lot of fun.

watching: blue jays games with dad; yes, even if they suck.

listening: to dad’s older neighbours tell me about their travel adventures.

noticing: kindness.

planning: not too far in advance.

feeling: excited.