casual fridays.

this photo is part of a new outdoor art installation by where i live. when i saw it on my walk this morning, i had to laugh. have you ever seen something that so deeply resonates with who you are? for me, this sign – on so many levels.

to be honest – as that’s what we do here – i’m struggling with writing this post. how do i return to something that had brought me so much joy after not writing for over a year and being cautious and hesitant for probably two? but i want to; i love writing and sometimes i remember i’m actually pretty good at it. after having a few people remind me of this this week (and promising my therapist i would), i thought, “hey, you did pay for the domain and hosting for another year after forgetting to remove the autopay…why not give it a go?”

what do we talk about now? who knows, it’s not like there has ever been a defined theme to the content that graces these digital pages. but here’s a little of what’s been on my mind lately:

  • all black lives matter. period.
  • female reproductive rights is the hill i will die on. a woman can and should be the sole decision-maker of her body. send me every uterus, menstruation, etc. post you see forever.
  • quarantine has been particularly hard as a single person who thrives off of touch. it’s been particularly easy as a person who uses seclusion to deal with, well, a lot of things.
  • i very recently discovered how to make small-batch mason jar ice cream. it’s pretty delicious and way too simple to make. now i either need to forget i have this knowledge or fully commit and figure out how to add/balance flavours other than vanilla.
  • budgeting and organizing are my two new past times, and if you think that sounds pretty familiar, i am very proud to say i’m slowly turning into sister.

it’s taken more time than i’d like to admit to write these few paragraphs, but here it is. a start. an olive branch to myself, coaxing me back out.