Wooden Wrist Watch

i love christmas. it’s my favourite holiday. our family has so many traditions that surround the day, but the best part for me is the extended visit that i get with sister, and doing all of our favourite things together.

these include, but are not limited to, lots of coffee, brunch, brunch and more brunch, naps, sleeping in, talking until all hours of the night, cookies, making pierogi, watching all of the so-bad-they’re-good holiday movies, watching The Holiday, watching Sound of Music, crying (duh!), driving to the states to go to Target, making a trip to Dunkin’, lots of giggling, talking about arkells, tagging each other in memes, and generally discussing how christmas gets a little weird when you’re an older single adult with semi-newly divorced parents.

this year i’ve heard rumblings that it will even include matching festive jammies!

i also get to spend my holiday in sister’s beautiful condo, decorated floor to ceiling in the most pinterest-perfect modern holiday glamour. blue suede christmas tree included!

to me, there is nothing better than a trimmed tree, crackling fire, and snow-covered ground – i’ll even put up with the cold if it means we can get some snow for christmas.

it may happen in calgary, but for now it’s dry streets and open coats. i’ve even had to take my mitts and hat off this week because it’s been too warm. i’m not complaining. cute always trumps cold.

i’ve been showing off my new frankie JORD wood watch and all of the fashionable and adorable winter accessories that i own, but are far too impractical for the -25 weather that is common around these parts of the north.

surprisingly, i haven’t worn a watch in my adult years up until now. i’ve never been in a romantic relationship long enough to reach the “we’re buying each other watches.” milestone. which is, what, the first holiday to follow the meeting-the-parents milestone? dating is really strange, ya’ll.

it’s probably for the best that i was able to pick out my own watch, as i’m super picky. i like unique styles and nothing too delicate – my hulk-smash man hands would just look silly. JORD delivers just that, their 100% natural, hand-finished wood watches come in a range of colours and styles.

and not to worry, if you’re looking to get a gift for yourself, or that special someone, a gorgeous wood watch can still be under your tree before christmas. use my link to get an additional 25% off your purchase. plus, they offer custom engraving (make it personal and from the heart) and a beautiful cedar watch box (consider gift-wrapping complete).

merry christmas, lovies! xx

do you wear a watch? have you purchased one for a significant other?

thank you JORD for the early christmas gift. 

i’ve always been fond of hibernation season. like the bears, i have no interest in expelling a lot of energy in the winter. the occasional winter hike is pretty and all, but i’m not your avid ski bunny.

instead, you’ll find me under a blanket, drinking a warm beverage, and watching Shaw BlueSky TV. cuddles optional, but welcomed.

after getting to test BlueSky TV last winter, i changed my non-television-household tune. i was able to customize the content i wanted, and everything was easily found at the touch of one button.

the one thing i wished for was a way to access my Netflix account from the same remote. my smart tv made streaming easy, but i always seemed to misplace my second remote, and i never quite remembered which button to press to switch back to BlueSky TV.

little did i know Shaw was working in the background the entire time, finding a way to solve all my remote woes.

that’s right, now BlueSky TV integrates Netflix titles together with live TV, video-on-demand and recorded content so all my content in one place! it’s become such an easy experience. Shaw BlueSky TV’s signature voice-activated remote is the key to finding the shows and movies everyone’s talking about. say Netflix, see Netflix. so simple.

i am constantly blown away by the content created by Netflix, and make sure to mix in Netflix shows along with my old favourite content. what have i been watching lately you ask? it’s the weirdest combination.

  • Big Mouth – Netflix show; very dirty, NSFW, hilarious, cartoon
  • Ella Enchanted – because i’m actually a seven-year-old girl
  • BoJack Horseman – Netflix show; rewatched the whole season for the fourth time, troubled, funny, thoughtful, cartoon
  • The Holiday – will continue to watch every night leading up to christmas

you may think i’m joking on that last one. well, let me tell you a little story. after i finished grad school in 2008, i took a month break between when my internship ended and when i started my first full-time job. The Holiday had come out a year and a half before, and i loved it. after i would get home from the gym in the morning, i would make breakfast and pop in my The Holiday dvd. i actually watched it every.single.day.

i could always use more suggestions of what to watch; let me know in the comments what i should add to my list!


to celebrate the BlueSky TV and Netflix integration, Shaw wants to spread the love this holiday season. we’ve teamed up to give one lucky s&s reader a Shaw prize pack that includes:

  • Shaw water bottle
  • Shaw lip chap
  • Shaw hat
  • Stuffed Shaw Bot (his name is Bit!)
  • 3-month Netflix gift card

enter using the widget below. there are many ways to get extra entries but remember you must leave a comment to be eligible.

*open to canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.

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thanks to Shaw for making this giveaway possible. i happily pay for my BlueSkyTV and am proud to partner with Shaw.

happy birthday to my favourite person in the whole entire world! i am so lucky you’re my best friend…for now.

from inside jokes, to the same obsessions, to being spontaneous and adventurous and saying yes to my crazy ideas, i wouldn’t change a moment of it.

wishing you the most incredible day and i can’t wait to see you in two weeks!