casual fridays.

looking back at photos of san francisco are both warming and cruel. but when it feels like -32 you have to daydream a little. it also has me looking at flights.

have you defrosted, friends? this week has been all frozen boogers and eyelash icicles (which, i must admit, are rather pretty).

this cold weather has me craving mac&cheese so badly. the homemade kind that i haven’t made in years, but probably should because it’s so delicious, but you know, not the healthiest, and there is absolutely no way to enjoy it in moderation. you can’t. you just can’t. you have to make the largest pot of it and eat it until you need to take a nap. maybe it’s for the best the forecast is warming up. let me know if you want to come over for mac&cheese.

to be honest, since being home all i can think of is really great food. calgary is catching up in terms of new and different restaurants, but the abundance of killer cuisine available in toronto makes me so happy. i ate very well with friends during my visit. i think my favourite combination is talking to great people while eating delicious food. that’s the kind of stuff that fills my tank.

are you a new year goal setter? i’m not, but i did take some time as the calendar switched over to reflect on the year and set my sights forward. i’m feeling a lot of pleasure from slowing things down, keeping things simple and embracing the ride. i’ve got my positive pants on, but they are still realistic pants. tres fashionable and maybe the only pair of pants that still fit me.

poor erin is sick again, which means no catching up nor scrumptious french food tonight, but we’ll take a raincheck. this weekend is made for resting, finishing the numerous organizing projects i started during the week, some friend time and some baby cuddling. i know, i know but when it belongs to one of your dearest friends, babies might be kinda cute.

what are you up to this weekend?

casual fridays.

happy birthday, katey! who knew meeting a gal from woodstock in grad school would lead to so much laughter, so many great adventures and me moving across the country? we’re celebrating tonight – along with the first day of stampede – at the cowboy’s tent. yaaaaahoooo! and in good stampede fashion, we’ll be drinking gin in the afternoon to get ready for the madness. while i’m not much of a stampede or country music person (or drinker), i am a birthday person and will always happily celebrate katey.

saying that, i’m actually headed to the grounds at least two more times over the week. monday, irene and i will be testing out some midway food, and ange and i are going to the chuckwagon finals on sunday. yahoo, all over the place! and while my cowboy boots kill my feet – i went for beauty instead of function when purchasing them, stupidly – i’m more concerned about what to wear in the 32-degree heat. i’m not really a daisy dukes and crop top kinda gal, but that’s all the weather is calling for.

i then get to wake up way too early on saturday after my gin-soaked evening to head to the mountains, but to hike i’d happily not sleep. it’s been too long since i’ve been in the rockies and can’t wait to get on the trail with erin and her mum. we have 16km planned, and it’s going to be a scorcher!

on sunday i plan on doing absolutely nothing. besides all the excitement of today and tomorrow, i’m also running on zero sleep for no other reason than my body hates me. think happy sleepy thoughts for me!

what are you up to for the weekend? any locals stampeding?

casual fridays.

as much as i love routine, it can put me in a sour mood if i don’t get a break every so often. doing the same thing day in and day out is very taxing on my energy and excitement for life. it’s definitely where i found myself just a few weeks ago. it was nice knowing i had a week off and lots of sister time.

i miss toronto in the most visceral way most days, but it’s even stronger after a great visit. usually when i head home it’s a whirlwind of commuting between family and friends in multiple different cities in southwestern ontario. this time i drastically reduced the number of visits i was going to entertain and greatly benefited from it. i had a good amount (there is never enough) of sister time and got to spend a few hours with grandma. she even waited a whole five minutes before she grilled me on when i was moving home, and why i wasn’t married.

not only did i get more quality time with the incredible people in my life, i also got free hours to wander aimlessly in the city i love. i visited new spots and some of my old favourites, with my camera and a latte in hand. playing tourist in your own city is always fun. next time i’ll jump on a double decker red bus for a proper tour, and then go up the CN tower. it’s something i should probably do in calgary, too. might help me appreciate the city more. i have some ideas but “what to do in calgary” articles often include leaving calgary and going to the mountains, which doesn’t say much for the city.

i’m back now with a new appreciation for lots of things, and a very strong desire to wander in the sunshine and enjoy some mountain life. i’m only kicking around calgary for two weeks before i jet off again to meet sister in boston. sadly, after that, i don’t have any set plans yet for my next far-off adventure…but the strong potential of vegas in september for Katey’s bachelorette.

this weekend calls for laundry, grocery shopping, and a little fun – can’t go cold turkey on that.

what’s up for your weekend?