being in a creative industry opens doors to meet many other young creatives that are putting their passions into actions. in those top rungs of my i’m-so-impressed talent ladder you’ll find Tanya. dynamo communications professional, down to earth and sweet human, oh so incredibly stylish, just to name a few.

her passion in action: Fond Boutique.

Fond, a mobile boutique, was inspired by a passion for sifting through thrift shops in search of overlooked treasures, and a love for creativity through style and self-expression, without the price tag. Tanya’s side hustle is driven by the philosophy of style, delivering a curated selection of chic, timeless, pre-worn clothing, shoes and accessories.

and lucky for us, she poured out her purse so we can steal some of her essentials.


neals yard remedies canada beauty balm

multipurpose and soothing, the WRBB works wonders to keep my paws moisturized while i’m filing through clothing racks. NYR is a go-to for skin care, and sits directly across from my building. it’s dangerous. (laura’s note: i’ve raved about this balm/cream/magic before, too. it’s incredible.)

moleskine planner

i’m a girl lost without my lists! the moleskine line has changed my life and drastically improved my tendency for tardiness.

vintage silver cigarette case

this prized find was found while antique hunting and then repurposed as a wallet. it’s sleek and minimalist, to a point where it won’t close if i’m packing too many receipts. it keeps me honest.

lip medex balm

lipstick is somewhat aspirational for me, and i haven’t met another balm that provides a dependable gloss, moisture and shine like this one does. thanks to lip medex, i haven’t had chaps since 2002, but go into panic mode if i run out – i’m completely addicted.

aesop vetiver root & zinc deodorant spray

aesop is a game changer in the body care world and this stuff smells so good i sometimes use it as perfume…improvisation is key!

what are a few of your essentials?

i can’t place the first time i met julie. probably at a client event or the likes. all i remember is being completely taken away by how much i genuinely adored her: she’s possibly the nicest person i’ve ever met, an incredibly talented fashion stylist, and (hot damn) so pretty. she also loves gold things and bunnies, so instant connection!

your first step: go follow this majestic mermaid on instagram. your personal style will improve by just scrolling through her feed.

the day i realized i dressed like a librarian was the last time i met julie for coffee. she said i looked cute, and my entire being sighed with relief. librarian for life aka i really need to go shopping with julie and have her overhaul my entire life.

because she’s the greatest, she agreed to spill her purse for s&s with no hesitation. she just had one question, “first of all, which purse?”



eye drops

because i need to be able to see where the sales are! if you are also a contact-wearer, you too know how dry your eye balls can get in this city. my optometrist recommended these drops because they are sans preservatives and provide immediate relief. photoshoots are never quick so it’s important for me to be able to see, and see every detail in the wardrobe.

lip balm

i don’t think i’ve ever left the house without lip balm and if i did, i probably complained profusely about it. i used to pucker my pout with a pretty standard, non-beneficial chap but lately i’ve been super obsessed with xx lip balm. it’s local, natural and is great as a base underneath lipstick if i’m feeling bold.


even if i’m wearing my glasses, my sunglasses never leave my purse. and no, they are not prescription. they are suuuper adorable, exceptionally trendy and always come in handy if i decide to do an impromptu photoshoot.

hand lotion

i feel as though this is pretty self-explanatory as i mentioned above, this city is certainly dry. i use tokyo milk’s gin & rosewater no. 12 bon bon shea butter lotion because it smells delish and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling. (disclaimer – i really don’t like having lotion on the palm of my hands because i feel like i’m leaving fingerprints everywhere. this lotion does not give me that oily feeling and i can palm it all i want.)

adhesive tape

they say pain is beauty, but it doesn’t have to be! we’ve all felt the searing sting of a raw blister and i just literally can’t even. that’s why i carry nexcare adhesive tape to prevent my shoes from rubbing or provide relief if i’m already experiencing the agony from a shoe wound. i never want any of my shoes to feel left out and that unfortunately happens after the shoe has gnawed my heel. so by carrying this tape, i’m keeping everyone happy.

bunny keychain

it’s off-the-chain! actually, it’s quite morbid looking, however; i feel it represents me quite well! i heart bunnies and most things that sparkle. it’s an adorable accessory to my keys and the only thing that could make it better is if it was gold.

what are your purse essentials?

when it comes to social media, i don’t really like facebook, instagram is a new lover of mine, but my OG network has always been twitter. that’s where you’ll find me being ridiculous most of the time.

that’s also where i met Brie. i’m glad i found out she was moving to calgary from edmonton, and even happier she became an integral member of the blog squad. she’s a funny and tell-it-like-it-is lady, mama of a sweet little boy, obsessive reader, and much more. she’s spilling her purse for us; check out her must-haves.


baby wipes

even when my toddler isn’t with me, i have these on hand, as i’ve learned they are useful for so many things, like wiping down restaurant tables! i like this refillable wipes clutch from huggies because i can fill it with any wipes i like, and it’s cute!

hand sanitizer

i particularly like this strawberry one from the body shop because of the smell!

hand lotion

my hands are constantly dry so hand lotion in my purse is a must. my sister-in-law gifted this to me, and i adore it! the pomegranate smells so good, and this lotion isn’t greasy at all, which is nonnegotiable for me and often hard to find in natural lotions. i also love that it’s made in canada!

lip balm

i’m not a big lipstick wearer, but sometimes i do crave a little colour on my lips. i’m really digging the tinted lip balms from burt’s bees, as they still moisturize my lips while adding a pop of colour.

protein bar

i never know when hunger will strike, and having something that my toddler will also share with me is a huge bonus. lately my go-to snack bar is the cool-mint chocolate bar from clif. i’m a mint-chocolate addict, and this bar does not disappoint.

a pen

it drives me crazy when you need a pen and can’t find one, so i like to carry around my own. this is one of my favourite pens ever, the seven year pen. if you don’t lose it, it’s said to last you seven years!

a book

i always, always have a physical book on me. you never know when you will have 5 or 10 minutes throughout your day when you can read, and while p love my iPhone for checking up on my favourite blogs and social media, i also relish the extra moments where I can read a few more pages of my current read. if my toddler is with me – i always have a book for him as well! (bonus points: pick up a copy of ‘the royal we’ and join Brie’s book club this month.)

what are some of your purse essentials?