you know those people who make you feel like you’re doing nothing with your life, but in the best possible way because you are so incredibly proud of them for all they are doing? yup, that’s kristy.

if you don’t yet, go follow her on instagram, and read everything she does. she’s a great writer – praise i don’t hand out too often. you can find her in dote magazine, the daily hive, behind some of your favourite social media accounts, spearheading PR campaigns, and so much more.

i feel very ‘mama bear’ with this wee gem. from fun pedicures to working events, and sharing incredible meals, kristy is inspiring company.

with such a vast portfolio, you can imagine she needs a wide array of things with her on the daily. she spilt her purse for us to see a few must-haves from a fierce freelancer.

being a freelance writer means i can easily leave the house at 9 a.m. and not return until 10 p.m. essentially, my bag needs to contain the tools that will prepare me any type of meeting, work sesh, event, workout class or moment when i may be instantly inspired (yes, this can happen when i am simply crossing the road – writer problems). i also always travel with a robust set of granola bars/ snacks, because there is nothing worse than trying to get some work done in a coffee shop and having to pay for your sixth $10 dry muffin that week just to spike your blood sugar and get the wheels turning for a lingering deadline.

here are a few items that cover my on-the-go lifestyle and have me prepared for any fashion malfunction or last minute schedule change that life can throw at me!

michael kors jet set travel leather tote
black goes with any look and this specific bag is chic, sturdy and holds everything i need without getting obnoxiously heavy. it also has a zip pocket for my laptop so it will survive whatever weather calgary has decided to throw at us.

kate spade day planner
aside from the fact that every year Kate Spade releases a new day planner more beautiful than the one before (how that is even possible is beyond me), these are truly my favourite day planners for two reasons. first, there are lots of room for notes at the beginning of each month and it visually lays out each week with lots of room to fill in daily to do’s, appointments and deadlines.

weekly planner
yes – i am the crazy person that needs two planners to stay organized. every sunday night i break down my week and organize my never-ending to-do list and i carry it around with me everywhere i go. in all honesty, if it doesn’t make it on to this planner there is a slim chance it’s ever going to happen.

XXBalm lip balm
calgary seems to be perpetually dry, no matter what the season, so having a good quality lip balm at my disposal is always a must. XXBalm is probably one of my balm brands due to its creamy texture and it’s made right here in calgary. my go-to scent is cardamom aka “40R3VER” – it’s like putting a chai tea latte on your lips, it’s amazing.

ted baker make up case
truth be told, i am not normally a huge brand name junkie, but sometimes i can’t help myself. i always find it hard to find a makeup case that is practical, stain resistant, cute, yet small enough to hold my minimalistic makeup selection. when i saw this bag i had to apologize to my credit card and tap away. it was an investment and it’s held up its quality since the day i bought it, so in my mind the splurge is justified – plus i couldn’t resist the bow of course.

a pen
are you truly a writer if you don’t carry a pen? cliché but all too true.

gold wishbone necklace
call me crazy but this necklace has gotten me through some insane experiences, i am really just waiting for its magic luck to run out. this is one of my staple accessories due to the fact that it’s subtle yet still adds a touch of sparkle to any outfit, no matter how casual. It’s also made by my favourite calgary jewellery designer, CoutuKitsch.

barre socks or boxing wraps
i alternate between both of these workouts and I can’t tell you how many times i have brought the wrong gear to a class. so i just carry both so ensure i always have them with me when I decide to go to a last minute sweat sesh.

granola bars
i am notorious for eating in my meetings, it’s just better that way – trust me.

this was one of the best purchases I have ever made and I rarely leave the house without it. this camera is a mirrorless DSLR so it weighs just about nothing, making easy to carry around, yet still a reliable and easy to use device that takes a dang good photo. it also connects its own WIFI to my phone and other devices, which allows me to transfer photos to social media and my email with the flick of a switch!

what are your purse essentials?

after work, i headed home and performed magic: i packed a weekend bag in 20-minutes flat.

i can’t say i’ve ever done that before, and i am hoping that when i go to get dressed tomorrow morning i haven’t forgotten anything.

running out the door, i caught my shuttle and 20-minutes later i was at my destination – the new international terminal at the calgary airport.

sadly, i’m not catching a flight anywhere exotic, but i am spending the weekend at the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel.

i brought my passport just in case the travel bug takes over from watching planes take off all day. i can see both the air canada and west jet boarding gates, and my first trip of 2018 sounds pretty tempting! though, a city staycation is also blissful. Marriott Hotels have some of the most comfortable beds amongst hotel chains, and if you like a good shower, you’re in the right place.

when i got to my room i was greeted with a personalized note (my favourite) and an itinerary of what to expect for the weekend. i checked my watch, i had to get changed and head down to the mezzanine; it was cocktail time!

if you’ve been kicking around here for a while, you’ll know i don’t drink much. heck, i went out for a bachelorette party night in vegas sober, and strictly high on life.

i don’t know much about alcohol, so when i found out that the first activity of the weekend was actually a competition to create a signature cocktail, my heart started to flutter. have i mentioned my anxiety doesn’t do well with the word “competition” either?

thankfully, i was paired with SamiJoe, who used to bartend and is pretty creative when it comes to mixing a drink. and as a mother to preteens, she’s pretty darn good at calming anxiety, too.

we made a deal, she’d mix the drink, i’d take the photos, and i’d help brainstorm what to name it.

i think i held up my end of the bargain!

the base of all the cocktails was Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon. from there we had an array of liquors, bitters, spices, herbs, fruits, pureés and the like to experiment with.

after taking a look at all the ingredients, we had 30 minutes to create our cocktail. SamiJoe knew she wanted to start with rosemary and built the rest of her flavour profile from there.

the end result, named Merlin’s Magic, included Maker’s Mark, absinthe, angostura bitters, rosemary and bourbon soaked cherries, stirred with ice, strained and served in a martini glass, manhattan-style.


our cocktail didn’t win, but neither of us thought that it may.

after the competition, i was drawn to the table of snacks laid out by the talented staff from YAKIMA kitchen + bar – the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel.

mini beef sliders, homemade jerky, freshly baked buns and bacon jam, charcuterie, chicken wings, and so much more.

nibbles will always win me over and make me happy (especially if i haven’t eaten dinner and it’s 9 p.m.!).

i excused myself from the gathering to head up to the private M Club lounge on the seventh floor of the hotel. it’s very private and requires keycard access. i knew i could come blog in a quiet space. bonus: there is sparkling water on tap and a jar of freshly baked cookies.

it’s far too late, and we have a full day of events planned tomorrow. this kitten needs her beauty sleep!

thank you, Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel for inviting me to stay and enjoy this weekend. 

i’ve been inviting all sorts of positivity into my life for a while now and with each passing day, i can actually see how it has been affecting my outlook and daily energy. there is just far too much negativity out there and it seems complaining is the popular thing to do nowadays. no thanks, i have no interest in that! i’m all about smiling, and laughing, and twirling, and hugging, and telling people how much i adore them. i have plenty of time for all of that good stuff!

saying that, this week has shown me that i need a lesson in managing my expectations. all this positivity allowed me to get my hopes too high for a few things. as sister says, “low expectations.” maybe even a bit lower than that. i’m feeling a bit emotional about it all today, but know the only option is to just keep being me.

do you name things? last night at the barre body studio’s five-year anniversary party, i planted a succulent – that included a buried intention and a crystal of my choosing – with the help of one of their great instructors. “her name’s Ophelia,” Hilary exclaimed! yes, that’s definitely her name. it made me think, i have named my vehicles (Suby and Mable) and named my laptop and phone (Otis and Goldie), why haven’t i named my plants? how unlike me. now that i’ve welcomed Ophelia to the family, i’ll have to go back and name my three other plants in the living room.

i have a few very fun days ahead of me. i’m checking into the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel tonight for a weekend staycation, and then going to The Bash wedding event with H and more of her lovely girlfriends on sunday – after brunch, of course.

what are you up to this weekend?