yoga is something me and H bonded over right from the beginning. and dance, because duh. so when it’s date night planned drake yoga, we knew we had long weekend plans.

champagne papi makes for a different kind of yoga class, but what’s a life with no fun?

commonwealth is one of my favourite venues in the city because of its decor: huge windows, exposed brick, leather tufted sofas, chains, great art, and bold wallpaper. if i’m going dancing, this is where you’ll find me.

while my old ass rarely goes out dancing anymore, i did love going there in the middle of the day on a saturday to enjoy a vigorous yoga flow. our mats were squished side by side on the dance floor, while the instructor took the stage.

we danced through sun salutations, wild thing and goddess pose, while a dj spun drake tunes and the disco balls spun overhead. well, at least heather and i danced. we shook our ass, and laughed and smiled through the class. it seems like the other attendees were much more structured and shy when it came to enjoying themselves.

it only solidified that i had the best date there. i love bad bitches.

heather is a yoga badass, even with her huge leg brace. she can do so much in it, but we did find out that it gets in the way of being able to do arm balances like crow pose. she tried, we laughed, and then laughed some more.

after class, we were treated to brunch by chef pigot from home & away. the line was pretty long so we decided to head to the bar first for truebuch kombucha mimosas.

we brought our glasses of champagne out on the dance floor to stand in line for food. between making line friends and catching up, we speculated what we’d be eating. to keep it a bit of a surprise, we only got to pick sweet or savoury. the rest of the menu was not revealed until brunch was placed in our hands.

we both picked savoury, which ended up being a roasted beet benedict with tots.

it was incredible! i love beets, but would never think of putting them in an eggs benedict. clearly, i’ve been missing out, because the earthiness from beets paired perfectly with the richness of egg yolk and hollandaise.

while i wished the crowd was a little less uptight, overall i was really impressed by the detail it’s date night put into the event.

we considered stealing drake balloons but decided to leave on good terms. i walked home in the snow with a smile on my face. the rest of my weekend was spent at home in my favourite drake way:  sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on.

have you ever done a theme yoga class?

it’s true, i’ll always take the side of tea in any argument. once you treat me nicer than an a london fog, we’ll talk.

i got sick again. my immune system is really trying to show 2017 that it’s boss. a cold this time. but actually, where does all the phlegm come from? i haven’t been able to be two feet from tissues since saturday.

sadly, this put a damper on monday’s plans of a surprise going away dinner for Leslie with the blog squad girls. i was there for the surprise and to say hello and goodbye, but with two pregnant ladies, a new born and new mama at the table, i wasn’t going to risk getting anyone sick. Texas will be an incredible place to live, but we’ll all miss Leslie in calgary.

this week’s abnormally high temperatures has me craving spring. we’ve had a lot of cold snaps and snow in calgary this winter, and the opportunities to walk everywhere without 19 layers on has been few and far between. it was 15 degrees yesterday. i walked to the dentist, down 17th to get coffee, and back home to open all of the windows in my condo. it’s so much easier to be happy with a warm breeze and sunshine filling your living space.

after doing all my dishes, taking out the garbage and breaking down and sorting the recycling last night (so productive) i wrote out a meal plan and grocery list for next week. guess grocery shopping is in my future; my least favourite part. i need to try to hit this sickness from every angle possible, and healthy nourishing food never seems to hurt. in reality, i’m only craving ice cream, but haven’t eaten any, because phlegm.

i’m meeting up with heather tomorrow for drake yoga. it’s pretty silly how excited we are for this, but drake, hip-hop and yoga all in one – followed by brunch – is something to get giddy over. *drizzy prayer hands*

other than that, i don’t have any plans for the long weekend here in alberta (and some other provinces). if i can breathe i’ll head to jess’s spin class on sunday.

what’s up for the weekend?!

happy love day!

i’m not too huge on valentine’s day, but i am a huge fan of love. spreading love. making love. being love.

have you ever met those people who exude love in absolutely everything they do? i know a few, and i want to be them. there is such a calm and beautiful energy that they give off.

i have a lot of love for a lot of people, and get it in return, too. but as a perpetually single gal, romantic love has been something missing in my life. it’s something i definitely want.

last week i got to interview a matchmaker. getting advice from as many experts as possible can only help, right? Krystal Walter has been in the matchmaking business for over five years making sure her clients are prepared, confident and ready for love. Krystal’s insights are tried, true and personalized without the use of computer algorithms. the thought of escaping from an app to get specialized approach to finding the perfect match is very appealing, but it does come with a price tag. an introductory matchmaking membership with Krystal starts at $3,000; understandable for an executive service.

while matchmaking is currently not in my budget, Krystal did give me – and you – six great tips for finding love:

do something.

you have to put yourself out there in order to meet people. tinder might have a bad rep, but it’s the easiest option. because it is free and popular, that’s where the majority of people are going to be.

be prepared.

know what it is you want and stay true to that. Krystal reminded me of the Dr. Wayne Dyer quote, “how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

keep doing it.

it’s very rare that you’ll meet the person of your dreams on your first attempt at dating. like the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs…

leave your friends out of it.

you may love getting advice from your friends, but don’t talk with them about your date. they were not there, and you’ll only be presenting them with one side of the story. instead, ask yourself “what do i know about this to be true?” and make your own judgement.

first date don’ts.

activity first dates are not a good idea. if you do choose to do an activity – skiing, hiking, etc. – you need to make sure you are both at the same activity level.

don’t go to a bar. the atmosphere isn’t the greatest, it can encourage over drinking, and it’s often so loud you can’t hear your date or have an easily flowing conversation.

the best time for a first date is 3 p.m. it can be casual and quick and allow you to see if there is chemistry before planning anything else.

dress up for a date.

make an effort and put your best foot forward. first impressions are important and shows your date that you care.

i took Krystal’s advice and re-downloaded tinder and bumble since meeting people in person was just not happening. tip 1: do something. here goes nothing!

what are some of your best dating tips?