Join the circus.

I often pinch myself because I like it still don’t believe most of the opportunities that come my way as a writer/blogger/person in general.

Swag, champagne and manicures all rock my socks, but the part I love the most is meeting new people and learning their stories. I am a true journalist at heart: ask questions, questions, questions.

It’s even more fun when I get to tell their stories. Recently, I got to speak with two Cirque de Soleil performers about Amaluna’s run in Calgary. Max and Lindsey were so interesting and the intensity in their voices as they spoke about living their passion was inspiring.

Read the article on CLUBLIFE Magazine.

As a thank-you for writing the article (which was 100% my pleasure) I was invited to see the show under the Big Top.

Water Bowl CWP_155

As always, Cirque did not disappoint. On numerous occasions, I found myself turning to my companion to offer a disbelieved, “whhhhhhaaaaaattttt?!”

Are our bodies really supposed to move that way? I didn’t even know it was possible. How does that tiny girl have so much strength? Check out the back and shoulder muscles on the Peacock Goddess! Did Cali just pet my hair and rub up against me? And why wasn’t a surprised a stranger is touching me so forcefully? Wait, look at his body, that’s why.

Chinese Pole_0088_R

Thank you for inviting me into your world of magic and wonder, Cirque…and thanks for the wonderful photos.