Another selfie at the airport.

I’m sure there is someone, somewhere that likes my collection of airport posts and ridiculous selfies at those airports.

For that person, here you go:


I’m over an hour early for my flight from Calgary to Toronto due to over preparedness and the three minute line at security.

The wait has given me time to think, which is usually always a bad situation. We’ve entered April, and I am still goalless for 2013. My “conquered” tab has still not been updated since last year and I haven’t reflected on those goals either. Blame it on laziness? Probably.

It’s never too late to set goals and I’m from the belief a balanced life has five pillars: sleep, nutrition, exercise, support, and self care.

I have a week before I return to reality, which means a week of planning my goals.

Until then, enjoy the selfies and follow my trip on Twitter.