sweet southern soul.

i mentioned in passing last week – ps. go enter my giveaway – i’m in Georgia for the holidays. more specifically saint simons island; my home sweet home.

two weeks of sun, beach and ocean while visiting the parents. it’s never enough, but it fills my happiness tank.

like any good southern girl, i love my barbeque. our favourite place to visit is southern soul barbeque.


this place has quite the story – short form: it burned down, was rebuilt, and has the best barbeque.


i won’t even get started on the southern hospitality. i guess here it’s just called hospitality. no matter if they are busy or empty, all the staff are calm and polite. just sweet as pie. (please read in southern drawl).

i guess there is something to be said about sun and patios all year round. does wonders for a person’s disposition.


though i want to eat everything on the menu, the go-to’s are the pulled pork and the ribs. this year’s first visit back, i went for the ribs (sister got down on the pulled pork) with mac & cheese and fried green beans on the side. you’re welcome, veggies.


you can taste the smoke all through the meat, but do yourself a favour and try at least one of their sauces.


dear santa, i’d like a bottle of the sweet sauce waiting for me when i get back to Calgary, it’s more than 3 oz. and i only have a carry on. don’t worry, they deliver.

are you a barbeque fan? what’s your favourite?

Do not disturb.

With a view like this, who has time to post?

A week in paradise with the family is coming to an end and I’m not ready to face the reality of negative temperatures and no beach in Calgary again. Until Thursday – DND.