Lx2 favourite things.

That’d be Laura and Lacey’s Favourite Things – It’s like Oprah’s, but on a budget; a $20 budget to be exact.

I love presents, and I love mail, so combining the two seems like the world’s greatest idea. On that note, a big thanks to Leigh and Lindsey for organizing (sooo many L names in one post) the 2012 Favourite Things Christmas Blog Swap.


Lacey, also from Calgary, was my partner. She asked a few strategic questions and combined a few of my favourite things with hers to come up with a great gift for me.


A Christmas tree made out of tea and a mug – there is part of me that doesn’t want to open it, because it is so adorable. That feeling won’t last too long.


Just in time for the fatten-up-your-skinny-coworkers season, cookie mix and a cutter. Mix is so helpful when I feel like being a domestic superstar without the effort. Like a true goddess, I always admit that I made them from scratch. (Side note: For another quick-bake, try these lemon icebox cookies. The dough keeps in the freezer for up to two months, so when you go on a date and want to impress, you can just cut off six and bake for 12 minutes – yes, I was that girl.)


Last but not least, trail mix. My favourite go-to snack. The worst thing about it is that one bag is already gone. I’m a trail mix monster.

This, mixed with “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” on repeat this morning, has me in a Christmas mood. Thanks so much Lacey; love it all! In other exciting news, Lacey just announced that she’s pregnant. Congratulations!

What’s your favourite holiday thing? I love pretty ornaments, too. I just don’t have a tree to put them on. 

Thankful for.

family and their love. friends near and far. bottomless cups of tea and the sugar that sweetens it. pretty things and clever words. huge vases of fresh cut flowers. sunshine and my raybans. lazy holiday Mondays and comfortable couches. my fiery independence and learning how to ask for help. smiling all the time and for no reason besides it feels damn good. my yoga mat and my endless determination to chill out. cute boys and the text messages they send. creativity and endless options to express it. this blog and you.

What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving!