one thing i’m not anymore is a night owl. when my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. to get to the gym, this kitten is settling into bed at 10 p.m.

party animal.

Mary and i decided to get a little crazy and stay up way past our bedtime last friday for the sneak a peek opening of Bespoke, calgary’s newest nightclub.


then i officially felt old because i realized i’m now part of the group that says, “we should go dancing, it’s been so long.” instead of just partying every saturday, and friday, and well wednesday…and sometimes sunday….and thursday was student night…

so, university was fun.

we both agreed the interior is something we’d expect to see in toronto or new york. where you enter from an alley and walk up a dimly lit set of stairs only to find a beautiful and ultra trendy nightclub, with vintage exposed-brick walls.

it’s really a first of it’s kind in calgary, with bottle service booths and servers dressed in matching little cutout dresses. dance on the couches, drink from the bottle – this will be a place for those looking for a wild party.

bespoke calgary nightclub

maybe not my scene anymore, but something to experience.

bespoke also offers a membership program that gives calgary’s affluent access to services and exclusive events. the membership database already boasts an impressive list, blending together the city’s influencers from a variety of industries including entertainment, finance, oil & gas, the arts, and lifestyle.

bespoke nightclub

leather shoulder dress: zara | shoes: call it spring | clutch: aldo | bracelet: express | lipstick: flat out fabulous, MAC | earrings: coutukitsch 

most of the dressing up i do for ‘going out’ in calgary means changing out of my chucks into nicer flats or boots. while the simplicity of casual nightlife is much appreciated in the freezing winter months, it was a nice change to get all dressed up. plus, a 24 year old asked for my number – cougar in training.

are you a nightclub partier? what’s your bar scene?

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secrets do make friends.

last thursday, i waited with a few hundred other strangers, all dressed in white to be taken to the secret meeting location for diner en blanc calgary. a short bus ride later, we were there. pumphouse park in sunalta.

table, chairs, and bags in hand we ventured across the park to get set up with the rest of our group. the parisian sound of an accordion set the mood while rows and rows of white tables were constructed.

diner en blanc tables

what began in paris 26 years ago is now an international exposition of all things french joie de vivre, friendship, and gallantry, held in major cities around the world.

diner en blanc

this is calgary’s second year.


so i know what you’re thinking, 2,800 people all dressed in white – a little pretentious, no? not the case. while it was posh and see-and-be-seen, the night was elegant and fun.

pink champagne may have also helped create that vibe.

DSC_0579that smile brought to you by a few glasses of champagne.

before we go much further, let me introduce you to my dates for the night.

diner en blanc calgary 2my fantastic table mate Katey and Katy.

diner en blanc calgary

Jenn and Martin.

we’ve covered friends, now on to the food.

diner en blanc table

along with bringing your own table, chairs, etc. you are encouraged to bring your own  picnic (or order it from one of the night’s caterers).  the idea of  menu planning makes me giddy, so you know i took on the challenge of meal prep.

grilled peach and prosciutto salad

a delicious crusty baguette accompanied my salad creation of grilled prosciutto wrapped peaches with fresh mozzarella on spinach and arugula with balsamic vinegar.

DSC_0573instead of making dessert, i splurged on stunning creations from my favourite pastry shop, Manuel Letruew – the chocolate and caramel creation pictured above, and a delicious lemon mouse tart that was unphotogenically smashed after having to stop short when a bike cut me off in traffic.


no matter the appearance, they were still delicious. Jenn and i enjoyed licking the plates clean. #howclassy

time for the last “f” of the evening: fashion.

diner en blanc outfiti had a difficult time dressing for this event. as mentioned, white isn’t my scene – i blame it on catholic school uniforms, but the truth is, i have no idea why i didn’t wear it. maybe it’s like stripes, i always just felt fat.

there was no bargaining here. if i wanted to attend diner en blanc, i needed to be en blanc.

i found my a-line skater dress at aritiza, and paired it with the most fun, all-sparkle flats i found at payless.  when the sun set, i donned my cape (aka ikea blanket) around my shoulders to keep me warm.

to me this ‘pop-up picnic’ of magnificent proportions lives up to all it’s hype. get your name on the guest list, and enjoy it’s mysterious, secretive and attractive je ne sais quoi.

have you attended diner en blanc? what city? 

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it happens in threes.

if you asked me three years ago how long i’d be in calgary for, i would have told you one year. max.

how wrong that little girl was. today i celebrate three years of living here.

what better way to celebrate than a pro/con list? something that i do regularly when it comes to life decisions.

moraine lake


the mountains
as much as i define myself as a city girl, my love of the rocky mountains has no limits. there is something about the clean air and quiet that calms me down instantly and makes me feel whole.

when you have no family around you, you must learn to fend for yourself. while they are just a phone call away, being by myself really has turned me into an adult (kind of).

i have developed some fantastic friendships since i have been here. those to laugh with, those who i can cry with, those who know me, love me and support me.

the economy is booming here still and there is opportunity in the job market for anyone that’s looking. plus 5% tax.

snow in lake lousie


it’s september 8, and it’s supposed to snow today. i wish that was a joke. it’s not. winter lasts far, far too long here.

i’m 3,500km from my family and my best friends. trust me, sometimes that is a definitely plus as we all know how family can be. but it’s also rather lonely. i’ve always spent christmas with them, but all holidays should be spent with the people you love and that love you. until then, orphan holidays will just have to do.

while i might love the solitude of the mountains, i laugh every time someone calls calgary a big city. in terms of alberta, sure, but honey i’m from the big smoke. this ain’t no big city. coffee shops close at 8 and there isn’t an abundance of life in the downtown core unless it’s during work hours.

so many things to consider – it really is a love/hate. but seriously, snow?! happy three years, calgary, we’ve been a good match so far.

tell me where you live and what your favourite thing is about it!

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