pave the way.

if you follow me on the twitter you probably saw photos like this:

and then you hated me a little bit, because it was tuesday and you were at your desk, and i was at the beach.

when i moved out to Calgary over three years ago, mom and i packed up my car with all of my belongings (mostly clothes, artwork and flower vases) and drove the 3,500km through Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. it was at that moment that i decided i would drive the rest of the way across Canada. Alberta-BC, and Montreal-East Coast were left to cross off.

since i’m much closer to the west coast, i decided that would be next. thankfully, i have an adventurous sister that likes to indulge my crazy ideas. and thankfully for the both of us, Ford Canada loves crazy ideas.

photo 4 (1)

everyone, meet Clara. she’s a very stylish lady (named for Henry Ford’s wife), who looks beautiful in blue. Clara also cares about the environment; she’s a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

2014-10-06 10.53.33

so what was the road trip plan? no plan! it was all about being spontaneous. we knew we wanted to be in Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and the Okanagan, but we weren’t going to set any dates. if it was sunny in one place and raining in the other (very possible) why have plans dictated by hotel bookings?

2014-10-06 07.47.12

if i could tell you one thing, it’s that Canada is super beautiful…okay, maybe not driving through west Manitoba, but still beautiful.

my heart flutters each time i get a glimpse of the rocky mountains, so an entire 10-day road trip through them was heaven. once we reached Kananaskis i didn’t have to part with them.

2014-10-06 07.51.40

we also saw all the rainbows, because what else would make the mountains more beautiful than a rainbow?

photo 5 (1)

so there we were: three lovely ladies on the open road – thank goodness for the trans-canada highway; no exits, no turns, just straight driving. and i mean straight driving – with a hybrid there are very minimal stops for gas, which is always appreciated by the wallet and by the driver (me) who may have been singing along to SiriusXM 90s on 9 for the majority of the trip. car dance parties aplenty!

IMG_0315we got to see everything we wanted to and so much more. there were a bunch of revisits (like Kits and Stanley Park) and a whole bunch of news (like Okanagan and places in Victoria for sister).
photo 1 (1)from Calgary to Vancouver Island and back again. thanks Miss Clara for being a great road trip companion.

what’s your favourite road trip you’ve taken ?


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sister things.

no matter how many times mom dressed us alike, the secret is out, sister and i are not twins.

but one thing that stands out is, even thought we are 3,500km apart, we have very similar tendencies – we’re talking vocal comeback, mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. it all became very obvious when we spent 10 days together a few weeks ago road trippin’ through BC. pretty spooky, really.

and in other ways, we couldn’t be more different. all the fun that comes with nature vs. nurture.

so let’s play a little game, shall we? we’ll give you two options of our favourites, and you have to guess who is who.

what colour we’ve painted our claws:


favourite jelly modern doughnut:


what our phone covers look like:


the scarves that can be found around our necks – worn on the same day on the beach in English Bay:


coffee from timbertrain. so this one is identical; probably because the menu only had three options and i’m not drinking straight espresso:


our go-to makeup favourites:


favourite flats. we both like some sparkle (one more than the other):


how we accessorize:


what we’re currently reading:


the latest village ice cream treat. (both include salted caramel…and the second scoop is way different):


have you guessed yet who is who?

let our matching tiffany & co. necklaces (a birthday gift from me to her, and then i bought one for myself) give it away.


there you have it: laura’s on the left and allison’s on the right.

did you guess right? what gave it away?

do you notice a lot of similarities between you and your sibling? 


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workout the tangles.

i try. sometimes. and other times i look like a train hit me.

when i started getting more serious with my health and fitness goals, i began waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to get in my workout. after the gym, i’d shower and throw my wet hair into a ponytail. yup, picture that. not good.

then i found the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler.

tangle teezer.

this innovative tool painlessly and easily removes tangles and knots as it styles and dries hair, so I don’t have to worry about my post-workout rats nest. the uniquely designed teeth flex and flick as they glide through hair, minimizing breakage, splitting, and damage.

DSC_1004with patented technology, it adds shine and reboots style on the go. ideal for use on wet or dry hair, it can be used for all hair types, especially fragile or colour-treated hair, extensions, weaves, and the fine, tangle-prone hair of children.

the click-on, click-off cover protects the tool’s teeth from dirt and damage. it also fits in the palm of my hand, so it’s super easy to keep in my purse or my gym bag for early mornings – takes up no room.


another reason i love it, is because it makes me look like i actually have hair.

i suffer from the thin, fine and limp hair problem. in attempts to get it to grow in thicker i cut it short and stopped bleaching it (like you didn’t notice). no luck so far.


but with a few quick backcombs around the crown of my head, my roots are standing on end and look full of life.

and it’s EASY! like super easy. i wouldn’t lie to you. i’m not backcombing my hair on the regular because i’m awkward and have no idea how to do it with a comb or brush – and i’m lazy, remember that wet ponytail business? but with the Tangle Teezer, i just grip it in my hand and comb down a few times at my roots.

i seriously love this product and use it almost every day to give my roots a touch up, or my locks some love in between events.

DSC_1011this is me with my big hair, in my dirty bathroom, loving my Tangle Teezer….i’m also not wearing pants.

you love me.

the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler line is now available in Canada for purchase at Sephora in 4 colours: pink sizzle, feline groovy, gold rush and rockstar black ($25).

what’s your hair styling routine? 


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