lace up with love.

i have known about alzheimer’s disease my entire life. my parents explained what it was to me, and that it was the reason Nana Catherine was acting like she was. it was normal to me, though, because that’s the only way i knew my grandmother. this disease took any chance i had to bond with her. she didn’t know me, and as we grew older our relationship was defined by me holding her hand and trying to calm her cries. she lived for decades suffering.

what isn’t normal is witnessing this horrible disease take hold of a person so sweet, so happy, so caring, and full of love, and quickly turn them. my adopted grandpa, Karl, lived for four short years battling dementia. his soft personality became hurtful and sharp, his memory disappeared, and so did his speech. watching this is how i define heartbreak.


they are the reasons i am lacing up this weekend for the 25th annual alzheimer walk & run in calgary. i really think you should run it with me. and by with me, i mean, you’ll be faster but let’s take a photo at the finish line.

register here. there is a 5k walk, 5k run and 10k run and the whole thing is family and pet friendly – which you don’t often find.

but that’s just my story. there are currently more than 13,000 people in calgary living with alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. the same or more is probably happening in your city. alzheimer’s disease and other diseases that cause dementia are fatal, progressive and degenerative diseases that destroy brain cells. they are not mental illnesses and they are not a normal part of aging. these diseases can affect anyone, regardless of race, gender, family history, occupation or social status.

if you can’t make it, but would like to donate i’d be super thankful. do that here. 100% of the funds raised at the walk & run through registrations and pledges will support local families affected by alzheimer’s.


(instagram pics from: @kaitkucy, @katrinaolson, @binzento, @oldpunker, @styleista_ca)

but i really think you should join us!

are you getting active before thanksgiving dinner?



stop and smell the roses.

we’ve talked about my neurotic obsession with eye cream around here before.

we’ve also talked about the beautiful neal’s yard remedies.


and today i get to take both of these magical things and squish them together.

i’m both blessed and cursed with looking like my mom. and while i’m happy she doesn’t have grey hairs, she does have crowfeet (she knows, and will also never read this post, so it’s ok to mention). for this reason i have researched eye cream since the age of 19.

when neal’s yard remedies introduced me to their rose formula hydrating eye cream i was sold. it replenishes to smooth fine lines with rejuvenating wild rose to nourish and strengthen the delicate skin around the eye. these are all the things i’m looking for, and since it is dermatologically tested and made with organic, natural ingredientes it is suitable for sensitive skin – which i have, and everyone probably has around their eyes.

thanks to the lovelies at neal’s yard remedies, i get to share my last birthday gift with you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.02.38 AM

how to enter:

head over to my instagram, find this photo and follow the steps in the comments to enter.

how do you care for your skin?

coutu loves you.

i love supporting local and thanks to market collective, i have discovered a lot of great designers, artists, etc. in the calgary area.

one of these amazing brands is CoutuKitsch.

yup, we’ve talked about them before, but i met Dorian and Kofi while volunteering with market collective a few years ago, and became an instant fan of them (the sweetest couple!) and adored their pieces from first sight.

they have everything from simple to ornate. the sparkle is amazing, and the hand stamped brass pieces are so personal and delicate.

over the last four years, it’s very rare that you’ll see me without their sparkle studs in my ears.
i have them in black as well as silver.

they go with anything. i wear them with jeans and a tee as well as dresses…as well as my workout gear, on runs and hikes because if i’m going to take a sweaty selfie, i’m going to look my cutest. (don’t act surprised by that – it’s like you don’t even know me.)

want to win a pair of coutukitsch sparkle earrings? of course you do!

head over to my instagram and follow the steps in the comments of the photo to enter.

what is your go-to piece of jewelry?

runway to real life.

the first little bit of fall is a time that i love so much: when the leaves first change but the temperature isn’t too cold yet, and you can open all the windows in your apartment to let the breeze roll through. why does it always smell so fresh, too?

i also love fall fashion, where boots and scarves can be fashionable and not just functional.

but i’m so not there yet. in my head it’s still tank top season and i’m having a hard time coming to terms with layers.

for this reason, my wardrobe is not ready for the season change either. enter Marlborough Mall to get me geared up for fall. they wanted to know what my favourite looks of the season will be. after sitting on the runway last month, i got a feel of some trends, and armed with access to more than 100 brand name retail stores, i was ready to create my runway to real life fall look.


dear east village, thank you for having these fantastic all-canadiana box seats. they make the perfect personal runway. love, laura.

i really fell in love with knits at the show. they are comfortable, warm and cozy, but styled in the right way they can still be dressy and dare i say sexy?

i found this knit dress at le chateau and loved the cut and small slit up the side. it’s also a tank, which is great for the beginning of the fall season where you can get 20 degree days and wear it as is, or when it gets cooler, you can pair it with a scarf or moto jacket and look even more adorable.


these gorgeous burgundy booties are from call it spring. the colour screams fall to me, and they are so versatile since they work great with a dress, but would also be amazing with a pair of leather leggings or cuffed skinny jeans. the suede material is so luxurious for fall, too. everything in fall should be so cozy!


i’ve started fall on the right, heeled foot. and now it’s your turn. Marlborough Mall wants to help you freshen up your fall wardrobe with a $25 gift certificate. to win, enter my rafflecopter giveaway below. you have to at least leave a blog comment telling me what your favourite fall trend is this season.
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