am i a popsicle yet? it’s so so cold out! for those not in the ice castle that is alberta, count your blessings. there is no end in sight, as the 14 day forecast calls for -10 or lower, with the next week sitting in the -20 range.

now i’m having a minor freak out because i just discussed the weather in great detail. i really am turning into my father. save me!


on sunday, before it turned frigid, i was trusted with the great responsibility of taking family photos for my dear friends mary and brent to celebrate their little girl, evelyn, turning one.

our first plan was head to the banff gondola, but since it was puking snow we knew the visibility would be poor, plus the roads were a mess.


we ended up pulling into a random closed camp ground off hwy 40. when you get out into the rockies, even if you can’t see the mountains, all the surroundings are beautiful. the snow dusted everything in a little bit of magic.

despite the cold, snowy weather, evie did so well. you never know how an almost-one-year-old will do in any situation. i think the noises my camera made, and the occasional flash had her mesmerized.


we drove back to the city to take indoor photos, and headed to heritage park. i had never been before, but heard it’s much like my beloved pioneer village back home. we didn’t do any exploring because brunch was the first order of business.


brent went the lunch route and got the elk burger and a beer, while mary and i stuck to the breakfast side of things. mary opted for the classic eggs benedict and i had the duck and red current hash. it was all kinds of good, topped with a poached egg. whoa!


evie thought brunch was a hoot and enjoyed her puffed cereal. later she destroyed a big, fluffy white bun. she’s a little carb monster – a girl after my own heart.

her little ears just kill me.

i’m delighted to have captured some good shots – my prayers were answered – and mom and dad have over 300 photos of their little girl to choose from. photography is just a fun activity for me, so there was a lot of pressure taking on such an important job. the good thing is, parents always think their baby is cute, so even if they stunk i knew they would like them.

are you keeping warm? isn’t this little ginger baby the cutest?

’tis the season for cookies, eggnog, and spring rolls.

yes, you read that right, december means the return of Edo Japan‘s ‘Edo a Little, Help a Lot’ food bank campaign. a charity initiative i’m always happy to get behind because it includes eating delicious spring rolls.


Edo will once again be supporting canada’s food banks by donating 25 cents to local food banks for every spring roll sold during the holiday season. last year, edo raised over $74,000. with 850,000 canadians using food banks each month, it’s never been more important to give back and in calgary we’ve seen an extra need for support.

this year, Edo will be hosting ‘double up day’ on saturday, december 10 – a one-day event during which Edo will be doubling donations (from 25 cents to 50 cents!) to local food banks for each spring roll sold!


the best thing about spring rolls is they go great as a starter with anything – my favourite Edo Japan dish is teriyaki chicken on rice with lots of veggies and extra mushrooms. but maybe you like sukiyaki beef, yakisoba, udon soup or sushi; there is something to satisfy every craving.


Edo Japan wants you to spread some holiday cheer and are gifting you a $25 gift card. want it? enter below!

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what do you picture when you think of a cell phone carrier store? probably a few rows of cell phones locked away behind glass, or displayed without power. it’s a pushy environment where everyone just wants to make a sale, or they aren’t interested in helping you.




that’s not the case with the new TELUS connected experience concept stores – like the one in Calgary’s The CORE.

the store now gives customers a chance to touch, test and play with the most exciting and sought-after connected devices available, which is perfect for me. i will never know how something works by looking at it; to learn i need to pick it up, turn it on and press all of the buttons. i also do this just because i’m an annoying human.

TELUS has taken the usual retail store and flipped it on its head. designed with today’s digital lifestyle in mind, this concept store has more than 1,000 curated products including connected home, headphones and speakers, toys and health and wellness, featuring key brands including Sonos, Beats, and Fitbit to name just a few.

my favourite part of the new store was the gorgeous display of phone cases flanked by Kate Spade products – like my personal cheetah phone case. probably because i love whitespace in merchandizing/photos/design oh so much.katespade

you might not be a fashion person, not to worry! there is everything from an interactive sound bar for comparing the best bluetooth speakers to Nest products that you can tie together and control your whole house with your phone.

you’ll also find 10 charging stations and five wireless charging locations (android) throughout the store in case your phone needs an extra boost to get through your shopping day.

have questions or need some help? TELUS is obsessed with delivering an unmatched customer experience. their learning centre experts, are specially trained to provide one-on-one counsel to help you learn about and maximize the use of your products.

if want to experience a bit of the new TELUS connected experience concept store in your own house, you should enter my giveaway – canada only!


here’s what’s in it for you:

  • the drop scale
  • bosign tablet stand
  • tangram jump rope
  • crayola colouring book

a Rafflecopter giveaway