it must have been fall.

so i know it’s technically still fall for a few more weeks, but with -20 temperatures and snow on the ground, i’m missing real fall.


you know, the scarves and boots for fashion not function style, and leaves crunching under your feet kinda fall?


that was one of the greatest things about our thanksgiving BC road trip. we got to experience full-out fall in all of its glory.

oh, the larches! (okay, as much as i joke, the larches – the bright yellow trees – are rather beautiful).DSC_0795

sister and i explored beacon hill park in victoria on a crisp and beautiful october morning. between checking out the numerous fountains and chasing all the peacocks (seriously, there are peacocks wandering all over the place. tons of them!) i crunched and tossed as many leaves as i possibly could.


when was the last time you had a childlike joyful moment? you should have more…like all the time. go throw some snow, or if you’re lucky enough to still have leaves on the ground, jump into a pile of them.


the day was also perfect for one of those cute fall outfits, complete with muted neutrals to match the sky.

i love vintage, and discovered this cute little shop tucked away on 17th ave between a coffee shop and a poutine restaurant – it’s an indulgent little block.


used house of vintage has everything you’d think of when it comes to old threads, but they also specialize in vintage remakes. this polka dot number is a replica pattern not worn by the people of the past.


dress: used house of vintage| scarf: only | necklace: cinder & sage | midi rings: on the verge | floral ring: old navy | glasses: warby parker

DSC_0776 ducks!

can we go back to real fall now? please?

what do you love most about fall?

photos by allison bridgman.

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part and parcel: allison.

i really suck at packing my purse; i think it’s because i swap them so often depending on my mood, outfit, or day’s activities. something is always left behind or forgotten.

sister, on the other hand, i can always rely on for having what i’ve forgotten. today she’s spilling her purse and showing you her essentials.


the bag: melie bianco alyssa
a birthday present from laura…2 years ago? or was it 3? it’s perfect and i love it and it feels like she’s coming along on all my adventures with me. and by adventures i mean trips to the grocery store and library.

2014-2015 mini kate spade day planner
much smaller than the original, it’s a constant (super chic) companion of mine. i’m a write-shit-down kind of girl not let’s-sync-that-dentist-appointment-to-my-phone kind of girl.

mini notebook, sharpie pen & marker (the pinker the better)
stocking list, not to be confused with a stalking list. to-do list. list of all the things i need at target. paper for thank you notes; i love leaving a little love when someone – usually a waitress – has been super awesome.

baby lips lip balm in fruit punch
IT’S PINK! and has sunscreen and good stuff for your lips to make them all kissable (supposedly). it’s the perfect hint of tint (ps: pink lips look great on pale girls) with just enough moisture. but, because one lip balm is never enough, i also have nivea hydro care and bath & body works lemon pomegranate lip cream.

hand cream
i would like to go back to victoria and hug the maid who gave me extra bottles of Gilchrist & Soames body butter. i have one of the travel sized lotions on me at all times – pretty much the greatest hand cream ever. she was the cutest lady in the whole world. 

it’s pretty much winter (sigh), which means i have mittens everywhere. no seriously. a pair or two on the table in my entryway, my car, my purse. my hands are always so cold. aritzia mitts are my ultimate favourite.

starbucks gold card
i can’t live without this.

orbit sweet mint to be exact. you know how everyone has a friend who always has gum? i’m that friend.

i always have a chocolate chip cookie dough larabar to tame the cranky when hunger strikes. extra points if the larabar is a little melty.

odds & ends:
there’s definitely always a book of Canadian stamps, bobby pins, ouchless elastics, a hair clip, kleenex, aspirin, dental floss threader (do you have post-braces permanent wires? these are great at poking out bits of carrot that inevitably get stuck behind the wire), and safety pins in my purse. i will never duct tape my pants back together again. oh yah, that actually happened in march. all class, all the time. oh, and a heart key chain because you should carry a little love with you everywhere you go.

what are some of your everyday essentials?

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christmas in november.

usually i’m against celebrating a holiday outside of it’s month. valentine’s day needs to stop being promoted in january (or at all, i’m serious v-day bahhumbug!), and christmas music can start on december 1.

there is one slight exception. and that’s The CORE’s annual Christmas event: “twas the night, which is Calgary’s largest, holiday celebration and after-hours shopping event on Nov 27.

Twas The Night-8

this is why i’ll always break my holiday celebrating rules for ’twas the night:

  • the annual lighting of the core’s stunning 45-foot christmas tree complete with indoor fireworks. (since we’re in Georgia for the holidays, i no longer get to decorate a tree and this one is so beautiful.)
  • girl time: it’s been a tradition between Katey and me, and we’re going together again this year.
  • a special Nutcracker performance from the Alberta Ballet – this year it’s highlights from sugar plum fairy which is my favourite piece from the Christmas ballet and my inner chubby ballerina is grande jete’ing in joy.


  • while the event is free, donations are collected to benefit a local, non-profit organization – different each year. this year it’s YMCA Calgary and their Strong Kids Campaign, which focuses on giving kids the opportunities they need to stay fit and develop healthy habits early on (something oh so close to my heart!).
  • one-night-only offers/experiences – canadian black friday sales start one day early at The CORE because of ’twas the night! it’s a fantastic way to get holiday shopping done in one place for pretty crazy deals and sales in your free time, because it doesn’t even start until 6:30 p.m. and goes till 10.
  • special musical performance: this year by Juno nominated Canadian musician Matt Dusk and his big band.

Twas The Night-17

i had the opportunity to meet Matt the night it was announced that he’d be performance at ’twas the night. after he serenaded the crowd with a few of his own hits, we had an impromptu group sign-a-long to jingle bells. then we had a drink, commiserated about Toronto (hometown, baby!), laughed and hugged. did i mention that everyone else disappeared in my mind, too?

twas the night

to follow in this crooner’s style, new this year, they’re throwing back to the nostalgic era of the glamorous 1960’s. attendees are encouraged to pump up the style factor by dressing holiday retro chic. prizes will be given away to attendees who are dressed in the most impressive holiday retro-themed attire.

now to plan an outfit.

get your ticket HERE and i’ll see you there!

what event always gets you in the holiday spirit?

photo credit (1,3,4): Alexia Foster.

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