someone else’s treasure.

last weekend i bought a food processor from a lady off of kijiji. she had cats and a beautifully decorated house. it was a very terrifying look into my future. needless to say i had to get out of there as quick as possible.

in my rush back to reality, i slipped and took a pretty nasty spill on the ice. one-in-the-morning in urgent care is how everyone wants to spend their saturday night, right? i’m happy to report my late-night x-rays showed there is nothing broken in my right ankle. some rest, ice, compression and elevation is in my future, but i’ll take that any day over a cast and crutches. we’ve done that already on s&s.

despite the pain, i was super excited to try out my new food processor – a gadget i’ve never owned before. i subscribed to that clean life, an online community of healthy, clean recipes and meal plans and a lot of the recipes – and those in some of my other favourite clean eating cookbooks – call for a food processor, so it was time to add it to the kitchen arsenal.

pasta is always my comfort food – besides bbq lays chips – so i searched for a healthy version on that clean life. enter the brown rice pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes.

DSC_1599spinach & basil pesto
serves four


  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • 1 cup basil leaves
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp tamari
  • 1 garlic clove, minced

combining spinach, basil, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, extra virgin olive oil, tamari and garlic in a food processor. process until a smooth consistency is formed. toss with your favourite pasta.


i was able to put my new food processor to use with this delicious pesto, reprinted with permission by that clean life creator Abigail Keeso.

what’s your favourite comfort food? do you have a food processor?

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christmas vacation in georgia was the first time the bridgman girls would all be together since april. while sister came to visit a few times, i hadn’t seen mom. thinking of girlie activities that the three of us could do all together, a little pampering of girl talk and face masks seemed like the perfect event. had so many montagne jeunesse mask options. i picked out the creamy coconut face mask for me, the hot chocolate pore cleansing masque for sister, and the crushed arctic cloudberries glacial clay spa masque for mom.

Montagne Jeunesse face masks

you can find the full selection of Montagne Jeunesse face masks here.

start by cleansing your face.

cleanse face before using Montagne Jeunesse face masks.

then dry your face well with a soft fluffy towel.

cleanse your face before using Montagne Jeunesse face masks

next apply your most delicious smelling face mask and make sure not to eat it. you may laugh, but the hot chocolate pore cleansing sauna masque smells like a terry’s chocolate orange tastes.

Montagne Jeunesse chocolate face mask

Montagne Jeunesse chocolate face maskalso, smiling into the mirror as you put on your face mask is not only suggested, it is encouraged.

Montagne Jeunesse coconut face maskafter it’s on, allow 15 minutes for the mask to do it’s work.

sister time and Montagne Jeunesse face masks

i recommend a sister and a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon for the waiting part. it is both entertaining and passes the time quickly.

Montagne Jeunesse face mask

if you do not have either, you can just look super cute and silly in your face mask.

fresh-faced sisters post-face masks.

wash and dry your face, and enjoy the benefits of your super smooth and hydrated skin.

it was the perfect activity to have a little bridgman bonding.

what’s your favourite way to have girl time?

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make me madd.

so most days i think i’m pretty cute. (other days we understand why i seek professional mental help.)

but like every girl, i search through pinterest and see all the beautiful makeup tutorials wanting to look like a pinup with perfectly winged eyeliner and absolutely no flaws.

wishful thinking, right?! not the case thanks to my lovelies at maddpretty professional makeover studio.

for my army of sass dance performance in december, i knew i needed some help channeling my inner fierceness – it was a Beyonce tribute show after all.

after witnessing the stunning job these ladies do for the stampeder outrider cheerleaders, i knew i’d be in very safe hands with them.

i arrived at maddpretty and sat down with Jackie (the gorg blondie in the photos below) to decide on the look we wanted. well, ‘curls and smokey eye’ is all i had to say and the maddpretty team was at work on my hair and makeup makeover lesson.

maddpretty makeover

i give some pretty serious resting bitch face, eh? it does amazing things for my cheekbones and eyebrows. #rbf4life

i have pretty thin hair, and not much of it, but thanks to a quick lesson in backcombing and the miracle of hairspray, i now know how to make my lifeless hair full of body (and hairspray).

maddpretty makeover

while my hair was being curled, i was surprised with clip-in hair extensions that matched my natural colour perfectly. i had never worn extensions before, so Jackie taught me how to properly attach them so they seamlessly blended.

the really cool thing is if you don’t want to invest in a full set of extensions but want some pretty long hair for a special occasion, maddpretty rents their clip-in extensions for $35/day. super reasonable for so much added drama.

while my hair set, i moved over to the makeup chair. after examining my skin tone and eye colour, a pallet was put together with makeup to complement me.

maddpretty makeup

side note: speaking of compl(i)ment, you will feel like the most beautiful person at the maddpretty studio. these ladies are so genuine, attentive and sweet and make you feel like a superstar. flattery gets you everywhere with this kitten. 

maddpretty makeover

i’m pretty useless when it comes to makeup. i can do my normal routine but rarely stray from it. that’s why i loved that this makeover was also a lesson.

Jackie explained each step as she applied my makeup so i knew the purpose behind the colours, the mixing, the brushes, everything. then i had to follow her instructions and recreate what she did on my left eye on my right.

i don’t even think i screwed it up that bad.

maddpretty makeover

as each layer of makeup was added i was more and more blown away with the girl i saw in the mirror. it was utter disbelief and at some points i really didn’t recognize myself. damn, she’s hot….and super humble.

maddpretty makeoverso i bet you’re dying to see the side by side comparison. it’s pretty shocking.

drumroll, please.

maddpretty makeoversame fantastic gal, just totally madd pretty!

the best part is i can do this all at home, and already have a few times. the lesson and step-by-step instructions make it a breeze to recreate.

stellar news for anyone in the calgary area: maddpretty’s january special is the hair and makeup makeover lesson for only $87 (which is 50% off!!). i’ll wait while you book.

a huge ‘thank you’ to Jackie and the beautiful ladies of maddpretty for teaching me to be so foxy!

what’s one thing you do to make yourself feel madd pretty?


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