define your personal style.

Women in Clothes is a book unlike any you have seen before: part personal memoir, part sartorial guide, it incorporates the view from hundreds of women of all nationalities—famous, anonymous, married, single, young, and old – of our clothing, and how the garments we put on each day define us and shape us.

women in clothes.
it started with a survey. the editors composed a list of more than fifty questions, designed to prompt women to think more deeply about their personal style. with whom do you talk about clothes? did anyone ever say anything to you that made you see yourself differently, on a physical and especially a sartorial level? do you think you have taste or style? which is more important? accompanying the responses are interviews, essays, photographs, and illustrations—from writers, artists, and cognoscenti, including Miranda July, Molly Ringwald, Lena Dunham, Sook-Yin Lee, Rachel Kushner, Sarah Nicole Prickett, and Heather Mallick—that plumb the aspects of body image and self-esteem that are integral to what women wear.
what we choose to put on our bodies may seem simple, but clothing can give us confidence, change our mood, act as armour or a disguise, or be the tool with which we reinvent ourselves. Women in Clothes is a rich exploration of the power of women’s stylistic choices, lending humour and depth to the attention we pay to what we wear.

women in clothes personal style. women in clothes personal style.

for me, clothes, accessories and makeup are a voice; a way of self expression and creativity. i rarely follow trends – am more of a vintage lover – but instead dress how i feel comfortable and beautiful. and i really love hats and scarves…even more when they are together.

and i really love a good selfie mirror (photos from last fall – gosh, i was hot).

how would you define your personal style?

thanks penguin canada for making this review possible.

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to market, to market.

…to eat delicious pork belly.

that’s how the nursery rhyme goes when you’re invited to the new summer menu tasting at MARKET.


what this list is missing is the amuse bouche and palate cleanser, making it nine plates in total….jiggety-jig.


MARKET opened it’s doors on 17th ave in 2013 with a desire to create a sense of community and bridge the gap between farmer and plate.

the recent introduction of co-executive chefs Alex Edmonson and Sean MacDonald has found a new summer menu at MARKET created solely with seasonal ingredients and farm fresh cuisine.


the team treated us to little tastes of their creations – paired with delicious cocktails. all of our samples are on the new summer menu in larger portions at affordable prices.


here are my top three favourites from the night…but let’s be honest, i’d eat it all again.


duck tacos – crepes, pickled strawberries, caramelized onion and cilantro. 
these are so good that i didn’t even care that there was juices running down my hand and arm – i just needed to stuff it in my face. pickled strawberries are a new concept to me, but the right combo of tart and sweet.

unnamed-2lamb agnolotti – whey braised lamb, minted peas and mint ricotta.
this appetizer is served five to a plate, and while you think you’ll want to share, let me assure you that you are wrong. do not share these delicious little morsels. instead, order it for yourself as an entree. maybe with a salad…or some tacos…or the pork belly. which ever.


pork belly with pistachio puree, radish slaw, brandy cherry and green beans.
as the last savoury dish of the night, you’d think i’d be too stuffed to eat this. not the case! i cleaned my plate. it was the right amount of acid and sweetness to cut the fatty pork belly.

honourable mention:


fois gras cookie with pickled pear served with star anise creme for dipping.
this was a surprise to us as it wasn’t listed on the menu but came out with the duck taco. the butter in the cookie was replaced with fois gras – so decadent and indulgent.

here are good days/times to know:

monday – half priced bottles of wine, including the reserve list (all day)
tuesday – $3 tacos: signature confit duck – sooo good – or tempura fish (all day)
happy hour (m-f; 2-6pm) – $5 draft, $7 market highballs, $8 glasses of wine
weekend brunch (s&s; 11am-4pm) – weekly brunch menu

IMG_5717-0 2congratulations to the new MARKET team and YUM! on the summer menu.

have you ever been to MARKET? have you been indulgent lately? would you like to with me?

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the livery shop.

i love exploring neighbourhoods.

calgary is a still-developing city, so things can change pretty quickly – which makes it more interesting.

this even happens in established neighbourhoods like inglewood. while the structures are longstanding, the companies based out of them are not.

case in point: the livery shop.

the livery shop

the big red barn on 10 ave s.e., a heritage building, now acts as the work shop and retail outpost of CoutuKitsch and Camp Brand Goods.

the livery shopthe livery shopi first met Dorian and Kofi of CoutuKitsch while volunteering at Market Collective a few years ago, and became an instant fan of them (the sweetest couple!) and of the jewels. almost every day you’ll find some colour of sparkle stud earrings in my ‘lobes.

MC was also where i snuggled with my first Camp Brand Goods pullover. any brand that is based on comfort is a-ok in my books.

the livery shop the livery shop

having the home base allows us calgarians (and visitors, and stuff) to get our paws on their goodness when we want it. there is no waiting for an online order to ship or an artist market to happen; but you will have to wait until tuesday…this group just aren’t monday people.

the livery shop

the shop also features other curated products like fiasco marshmallows (and other stuff, but yum!) as well as pop-ups from local companies like annuel herbs and rhosyn floral.

the livery shop

i apologize in advance, since you’ll want to buy allthethings. also, you’re welcome!

the livery shop
have you visited the livery? what’s your favourite local shop if you’re not from yyc?


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