casual fridays.

have you ever forgot something about yourself? this is a common practice around here. like, “oh ya, i used to have a bellybutton ring, i forgot because i got bored of it after having it for a year and not getting in trouble for having it.” or “i went through that faze where i loved JNCO jeans and homemade bead necklaces like i was some kind of punk girl.”

the most recent edition of this is, “what piercing? oh ya, i have my tragus pierced. isn’t it cute?” it was pointed out to me today at work and i derp’d pretty hard about it’s existence. i’ve had it since i was 18 or 19. i got it pierced one weird summer day in wasaga – which means nothing to anyone except me and maybe four others of you. but if you grew up in ontario you’ll understand that it’s a poor life choice to engage in any activity that could possibly give you an infection in wasaga beach. thankfully, no infection.


i’m deep into the mike on much podcast. i’ve never really listened to podcasts before, but this one has me hooked…probably because it’s a natural continuation of my arkells fan girling. the lead singer of the band is the producer; either way it’s hilarious. fast forward to the end for “the dessert”. in episode five they talk about their deep love (my interpretation) of backstreet boys – they know the lyrics and have watched the movie.

have you ever been really excited to do absolutely nothing? that’s where i am right now. my plans for tonight are to change into sweatpants and watch netflix while i purge things from my life. the weekend looks very much the same: weekend work, puppy sitting (so many heart eyes emojis i’m so excited), maybe market collective, a mani/pedi, some more pairs of sweatpants. oh, and my first day off in 2016 on monday! yay for family day – i wish i were over exaggerating. first day off.

i could use some good vibes for some news i’m waiting for an answer on. please feel free to send those my way via the universe. we’re pals.

how was your week? what’s up this weekend?

give it up.

do you give up something for lent?

raised roman catholic, it was always a thing for us.

the truth is, i like the idea of fasting and removing something from your life that has become an addiction or crutch. but for me it’s not “i’m going to give up pop.” 1. because i don’t really drink pop, and 2. it seems a bit…easy? plus, physical, because most people give up things associated with bad like junk food, etc. in order to look better…i’m over this.

maybe i should give up judging?


the last few years i’ve decided to challenge myself by giving up something about my actions/beliefs/etc. one of the most popular ones was in 2012 when i gave up “no”. i gave up “maybe next time” and “thanks, but no thanks”, and sister’s favourite “i’ll pass”. saying no was a very comfortable and limiting place.

i pushed aside the pancakes on tuesday without an idea of what this year’s fast would be focused on. wednesday almost came and went without a decision. that is until a conversation with sister fuelled my fire – like they always do, that girl gives me the best ideas.

i was leaving my counselling session where i dove into my first hypnosis session. “nice night of stepping outside your comfort zone,” she says.

boom! hit me like a ton of bricks. that’s exactly what i need to do.


bye bye comfort zone, not going to see you for 40 days.

then i text Jess, “fuck it! let’s dance.”

because my comfort zone wasn’t okay with me making a fool of myself at a new dance studio. too bad!

one day down: west african dance class.

do you give something up for lent?

casual fridays.

i’ve decided that dating is something that i should be doing again. which makes me realize that i shouldn’t listen to my own thoughts because they are wrong.


besides companionship and laughing until i pee my pants (very mandatory requirement), and snow tires, other reasons i think a longterm boyfriend would be good: half the rent, he’ll probably have a more comfortable bed than me, making out, spiders, head pats.

i do like dating again because of kissing.

making out like gr. 9s is actually really fun. i dated this ginger dj during my date-a-month project back in 2008 (new to s&s? you might not know about this, it was a goodie and what i’m writing my book about. here’s the cole’s notes: heartbreak = bad; date-a-month for a year = help get over heartbreak & collect funny stories, turn into memoir.) and i was living with my parents at the time – i think he may have, too – so we would make out in his car in my driveway after our dates were done. as we get older, i find people expect more. listen here, buster (yes, i’m a 90 year old), until i know your last name i don’t need to take off your pants.

speaking of stupid, i am running again. next week starts the beginning of building distance. i’ll be taking on the 10k of the calgary marathon and then walking the 5k with dad, and then we are going to go hiking one day after that. my legs and my lungs need to be ready for that adventure. i’ll be in toronto for the sporting life 10k at the beginning of may and i’m hoping that i’ll be in good enough condition to do that one first. the longest i’ve ever run is 6k so it’s going to take some time to get distance. over the last year, each race i’ve run seems to be getting slower; i have a lot of work ahead of me.

looking forward to a relaxed saturday & sunday between weekend work. i’ve had something on the go every night this week, so you’ll find me sitting on my couch with a cup of tea if you need me.

how’s your week been? what was/is your favourite thing about dating?