hello there.

while scrolling through pinterest the other day, i came across a photo of “i” statements completed by the poster. i love this idea and since we haven’t just talked in a while, i knew how i wanted to celebrate this labour day long weekend monday.

here’s what i’m saying:

i am…
writing this list from my favourite coffee shop in the city – analog. i have the one counter seat that is beside the power outlet, a chai latte, and a window view looking out onto sunny 17th ave (THE street in Calgary). also, cute hipster boys…so many cute, cute hipster boys here.

analog coffee calgary

i keep…
the great and funny and heartfelt cards that people give me. birthday, christmas, just because – i have a little box where i put them if they are not out on display. i reread them every so often. i love gifts – who doesn’t – but i think the best gift anyone could give me is a homemade card with a meaningful note written inside.

i wish i could…
play a musical instrument. i played the clarinet for two years in elementary school, but i don’t think ‘o canada’ on a wind instrument almost two decades ago really counts. i’ve been thinking of taking ukulele lessons lately…wouldn’t that be fantastic? or piano because it is so classic.

i love…
my family. they are one of the weirdest bunch you could ask for, but they are mine and that’s all that matters.

i dance… 
with the Army of Sass, a group of incredibly talented ladies that put the ass in sassy.

army of sass calgary.

i sing…
poorly, loudly, in the car and most of the time off key. Hanson songs i can actually sing quiet well. that Taylor and i have the same range.

i think…
too much about the unimportant things. moving across the country i did on a whim, but don’t rush me with a menu, and buying new deodorant takes me far too long to decide on.

i really…
have to start brushing my hair on a daily basis. i’ve probably said this before. it’s one of the things that mom and i argued about often when i still lived with my parents. now that i’m going to the gym every morning, i usually just shower and throw my wet hair up in a pony tail. this routine is not only making me look like a bum, it’s also giving me a rats nest. to do: add a hair brush in the gym/work bag.

i like…
wandering. it really has become my favourite pastime. after dinner, i love changing into my chucks, throwing on a baseball cap and wandering around downtown – music optional. somedays i want a great soundtrack, other days it’s just me and sounds of the city. i wander to the island, or along the river, or down 17th avenue, or where ever my little heart desires. i’ve started playing the wander game on dates. when we get to a random street corner i ask, “left, right or straight?” and the guy has to pick. no destination in mind – just a way to learn new parts of the city and learn a lot about your companion. i had one guy who hated the game, he needed to have an end point. “but that’s not how we play,” i protested. needless to say, there was no second date.

wandering outfits

i need…
more furniture in my apartment. i haven’t been able to find the pieces i want at the price that works for me. instead, i have a dance floor in my living room and minimal seating at my dining table.

i should…
floss more often. aka more than once a month when i have nothing to do on a saturday night and go through a routine of: face mask, cleanse face, moisturize face and neck (so important to remember your neck), white strips on the teeth, brush, floss, brush, dry brush body, fall asleep by 9:30 p.m.

i make…
a special dessert for my favourite coworkers on their birthday. they get to pick what they crave the most and i bake. birthdays are a really big deal to me, so i feel like they need to be for everyone else, too. 


i can…
never go into shoppers drug mart without buying more than i originally intended. what is it about that store that makes you realize you need the most random assortment of every day life products and need them right now!?

i always…
people watch, no matter where i am. i can’t help but observe humans; we are so interesting. quirks and habits are so unique to each individual. as are fashion choices. just sitting in a coffee shop and watching gives me great joy and i can pass away the afternoon with content. it also inspires some of my writing ideas.

pick one of my “i” statements and answer it about yourself in the comments. let me learn a bit about you.

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a little taste of summer.

after a very dreary week of rain, wind, clouds and cold, it seems that summer came back; even if just for a little while. we’ve had some beautiful weather in Calgary and i’ve got to enjoy the post-work sunshine.

i stopped on my walk on wednesday in prince’s island and sat by the still side of the bow river nearest eau claire watching the ducks.

have you ever just watched a duck swim in a shallow stream? the way they dive headfirst with wild abandon looking for food, with their bums and bright orange feet left waggling up in the air?

i’ve never watched a duck before. so that’s what i did. i watched. and those ducks made me laugh. if you never have, i suggest you watch a duck sometime. not geese, though, those things are not interesting.

anywhoooo…back to the weather. when Mother Nature gives you summer, you make her popsicles!

zico raspberry mango popsicles

what better way to celebrate? just make sure to enjoy them outside in the sunshine so you can race against the melt – spice things up a bit.

my lovely dears at zico canada planted the idea in my head with a few subtle hints aka by sending me popsicle moulds and some coconut water. but i swear the rest of the recipe was all up to me.


raspberry mango coconut water popsicles
serves six

1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup fresh mango, diced
1 cup zico natural coconut water

put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
pour into popsicle moulds and free until solid – approximately 3-5 hours, or overnight.
enjoy on a hot summer day.

zico popsicles

with some sun in the forecast after the long weekend, and three more popsicles left in my freezer, you’re looking at one happy girl.

what’s your favourite fruit combination? have you ever made popsicles?

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lady in white.

i bought a white dress.

this may not seem like a big deal to you, but the truth is before i bought my dress i didn’t own one piece of white clothing. not a tank top, not a dress shirt, nothing – because my sports socks don’t count.

so why branch out now? diner en blanc, that’s why.

never heard of diner en blanc? it started in France and has now spread across the globe. it’s a popup all white dinner party (party being the operative word) where the guests don’t even know the location until they show up. you get to know a meeting location and either get walked over or bused over to the actual surprise site.

dinner with 3,000 of my closest strangers? count me in. wearing all white, sitting at a white table with white chairs? i’m going to spill something – clear liquids only kind of night.

so i have my dress, and i’m organizing my accessories – can’t give too much away – but i need some inspiration for my shoes. my dress is rather simple and short, so i want whatever is happening below my ankles to be fun. heels would be my first choice, but for the fact i might have to walk 650 m carrying a picnic basket, table and chairs, flats might be what i go with.

diner en blanc shoes

(top L to R) Steve Madden, Jimmy Choo, AldoLouboutin
(bottom L to R) Target, Steve Madden, Browns, Target

clearly, i can’t afford the jimmy choo or louboutin heels, but a girl can dream. they are just so pretty.

i love the laser cut or the sparkle to add a little bit more elegance to my outfit.

up next? meal planning. looking forward to a very white night on sept 4…where ever i end up.

have you ever attended or heard of diner en blanc? which shoes would you pick?

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