give a gift of deliciousness.

have you started your holiday baking yet? i always find myself in a cookie swap at work (and then end up with 60 cookies i don’t eat) and in the kitchen baking for friends and family. baking is always an easy and thoughtful gift, because it can be customized for the individual and homemade from the heart….or the cake-mix box; whatever.

i’ve got chewy ginger cookies on my mind to make this year, but here is a roundup of some of my favourite recipes from the years past.

pecan crescent meltaways

pecan crescent meltaways

grandma’s recipe always brings back great memories of tradition and stuffing my face as a child until i was sick. and they are rolled in powdered sugar.

matcha white chocolate chip cookies

matcha white chocolate chip cookies

i’m not sure anything is more christmassy than a green cookie.

chocolate mint cookies

chocolate mint cookies

looking for a quick and easy “cheat” to your holiday baking, these chocolate mint cookies are make with store bought cake mix. it takes out so many steps.

mini chocolate chip cookiesmini chocolate chip cookies

what’s better than one cookie? many cookies! when you make mini ones you get to eat more of them. merry christmas to all.

peaches and cream cookies

peaches and cream cookies

don’t like the traditional spiced and heavy cookies? remind yourself of summer with these fruity peaches and cream cookies.

cranberry orange bread

cranberry orange “christmas” bread

i call this christmas bread because it’s another family tradition to eat it on christmas morning. with the looming turkey dinner, you don’t need a heavy breakfast or lunch. instead, we slice this cranberry orange bread and make a warm beverage and enjoy while opening stockings!

rosemary spiced pecans

rosemary spiced pecans

i love pecans, they are one of my favourite nuts. when you dress them up in spices and herbs and roast them to a delicious brown they are the most delicious!

what is always in your oven during the holiday? share some recipe links in the comments!

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save face.

thanks to the lovely ladies over at chick advisor, my face got to be pampered by the Clarisonic Mia 2.

clarisonic mia 2

i had heard so much about it on twitter (aka they have pretty great product placement with the bloggers i follow) and was curious to know if it works as well as they all said it did. i’m such a sucker for most beauty products, so getting my paws on this was a dream!

from the first time i used it, i noticed exceptionally smooth, clean skin, and it’s only improved with each use. we’re talking baby soft, very touchable cheeks.

clarisonic mia 2

if we’re getting personal here, i have an issue with dry skin on my forehead and oily skin on my nose. sexy, right? this devise was gentle enough to exfoliate but not worsen the dry skin, and blast off the excess oil on my nose. that’s a rare thing for combination skin; you can usually only treat one issue.

real talk: an odd feeling was when cleansing my nose. because the skin is much thinner here, the vibrations of the device produced a strange and foreign intense-tingling sensation. not enough of a discomfort to stop using the device, just a feeling i’ve yet to get used to and not sure i want to.

DSC_1330i’m used to washing my face by hand for a longer amount of time than the 60 seconds the Mia 2 pulses for. rubbing in exfoliants and cleansers and scrubbing off the layers of product and bubbles after was my face care routine. the Mia 2 is super quick. as you only cleanse the face for a minute, you’ll have to get used to the feeling that you haven’t done enough. you have! the vibrations penetrate deep. (phrasing) <– please tell me someone watches Archer.

to me, it lives up to the buzz. god, i love puns.

do you use a device to cleanse your face? what beauty product would you suggest for me?

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curate the best memories.

christmas shopping is proving to be difficult this year, mainly because i’m travelling to the US and only want to bring a carry on. it limits room and what i can bring. it also limits what i can receive as a gift – no shampoo in my stocking.

i know, i’m officially the worst, but i’m not paying $25 each way to check my bag.

it’s also tough because i used up my best idea as a belated birthday gift for sister.

she says having a november birthday means extending her birthday right through till christmas for one long celebration. as someone who likes to be celebrated, this is right up my ally. so sis got her second birthday gift smack in the middle of the two holidays.

i was looking through all of our travel photos and reminiscing over how much love i have for sissy and our sister trips when it hit me: we need to be able to look at our favourite photos regularly and often. then i remembered my buddy ookie!


ookpix would help me put my memories on paper. after looking through the website, i narrowed it down to an insta-crylic block or a calendar. and since there are so many photos to love, the calendar was the winner.


as I sat down with ookie and my photos they all started falling into place.

ookpix there was boston in june, and Chicago in july, and seattle in august. georgia in december, and our road trip in october.


i was so excited about how the calendar turned out i couldn’t wait until christmas for her to have it. damn right i also ordered one for myself (and placed it on a warm plaid cozy scarf to photograph).

all through 2015 we’ll have very happy memories displayed in the office.


want to print your favourite memories? use my promo code: SCRIBBLESNSASS until Dec 18 to get 55% off your order.

but seriously…what do i get her now?

are you getting any personalized items for anyone on your shopping list?

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