have you been to glacier national park? i can’t say enough good things about it. i’m not too sure what i was expecting from montana, i’ve never been, but the thoughts never blew me away. “something new to experience” i’d say, like i’d go to montana once but never really feel an urge to go back. in reality i purchased a yearly park pass, and hope to find an adventure buddy with a reliable vehicle.

the first few days back from vacation always hit you the hardest. i got thrown back into a full, tight deadline-driven workload and then was surprised with a cold last night. not like i should be surprised, sister got sick her last few days here. i’m in full oh-woe-is-me mode. send tea, soup, tissues and a teddy bear, please. i’d like to just sleep forever; thankfully, i have no plans for this evening – not like i have plans most fridays. i’m not that cool, guys.

good news: my physiotherapist thinks my plantar fasciitis is improving. i need to keep doing my exercises religiously and get fitted for orthotics, but my weekly visits have been extended to every two and a half weeks, and the dry needling isn’t leaving such a horrible muscle ache as it used to. progress!

a smart return to fitness is in order, too. “if running 5k hurts, only go 4.” my physio is kinda smart…but a little bit creepy. like yesterday, when he was giving me a foot massage and breathily asked, “hmmm does that feel good?” there is nothing threatening about him, he just says strange things and gives everyone pet names…as i type this, i’ve now come to the realization that he’s basically the male version of me. i’m sorry to everyone i’ve creeped out. except you, rebecca, you deserve every uninvited wink in your direction.

what’s up for the weekend?

when it comes to social media, i don’t really like facebook, instagram is a new lover of mine, but my OG network has always been twitter. that’s where you’ll find me being ridiculous most of the time.

that’s also where i met Brie. i’m glad i found out she was moving to calgary from edmonton, and even happier she became an integral member of the blog squad. she’s a funny and tell-it-like-it-is lady, mama of a sweet little boy, obsessive reader, and much more. she’s spilling her purse for us; check out her must-haves.


baby wipes

even when my toddler isn’t with me, i have these on hand, as i’ve learned they are useful for so many things, like wiping down restaurant tables! i like this refillable wipes clutch from huggies because i can fill it with any wipes i like, and it’s cute!

hand sanitizer

i particularly like this strawberry one from the body shop because of the smell!

hand lotion

my hands are constantly dry so hand lotion in my purse is a must. my sister-in-law gifted this to me, and i adore it! the pomegranate smells so good, and this lotion isn’t greasy at all, which is nonnegotiable for me and often hard to find in natural lotions. i also love that it’s made in canada!

lip balm

i’m not a big lipstick wearer, but sometimes i do crave a little colour on my lips. i’m really digging the tinted lip balms from burt’s bees, as they still moisturize my lips while adding a pop of colour.

protein bar

i never know when hunger will strike, and having something that my toddler will also share with me is a huge bonus. lately my go-to snack bar is the cool-mint chocolate bar from clif. i’m a mint-chocolate addict, and this bar does not disappoint.

a pen

it drives me crazy when you need a pen and can’t find one, so i like to carry around my own. this is one of my favourite pens ever, the seven year pen. if you don’t lose it, it’s said to last you seven years!

a book

i always, always have a physical book on me. you never know when you will have 5 or 10 minutes throughout your day when you can read, and while p love my iPhone for checking up on my favourite blogs and social media, i also relish the extra moments where I can read a few more pages of my current read. if my toddler is with me – i always have a book for him as well! (bonus points: pick up a copy of ‘the royal we’ and join Brie’s book club this month.)

what are some of your purse essentials?

fact: everything is better when sister is in town. while we’ve done a lot since she arrived tuesday night, it isn’t really anything out of the ordinary from daily life. good coffee, good food, great ice cream. it’s just so nice to spend time with her and then do regular stuff. plus, adorable coffee shops are always greater with your favourite person. so is going in to work an hour late because of said coffee shop.


it also worked out as amazing timing that becky is in town and her and sister finally got to meet. becky now knows the whole fam, as she met dad at the calgary marathon. girl talk, giggling about boys, and delicious mexican at anejo. it was a fantastic calgary night with two of my favourite out-of-towners. bonus points, we even remembered to take a photo together. that’s a win.

more sugar-sweet excitement? tons of it! i’m taking two days off next week and going on an extended long-weekend adventure with sis. i’m excited to get away for a little bit. while we have discussed some loose plans, we haven’t jammed too much into too little time. this is actually going to be one of those relaxing vacations…with some hiking on the side. and target! because when you go to the states you must find the closest target.

as for tonight: exploring and shopping in inglewood, checking out the west elm sale, and a late dinner with Jess. basically bliss.

what are you up to for the weekend. have you been to whitefish, montana?