two gals. two jack.

every person that has come to visit me has had a personal tour of some of my favourite mountains: hiking with dad and sister, or exploring banff and lake lousie with mom.

when Andrea told me she was coming to visit we planned on a long weekend away in the mountains at my favourite resort but the actual mountain exploring was left unplanned.

we wanted to go snowshoeing, but with the warm temperatures and lack of snow in southern alberta, we were forced into a winter hike instead. destination: two jack lake.

Two Jack Lake

obviously no mountain hike is complete with some outfit of the day snaps. you always need to look your cutest.

matching pants just happened, neither of us knew the other owned a pair like that. that’s what happens with best friends, we just get it.

Andrea at Two Jake Lakeso pretty and so canadian all in one. a perfect winter beauty.

Two Jack Lake

surveying the land and figuring out which path we wanted to take.

without any fully marked trail heads, we sort of figured out the route on our own, looking for footsteps or packed down dirt as we went. goat paths.

Two Jack Lakei swear we actually did some real hiking, but when the view is this good, how can you not stop and take photos?

Two Jack Lake

there were a few tricky spots where we lost the trail, or were forced to slide down shale (and scramble back up it) and hold on to twigs and tree branches for dear life, hoping with all your might that they would hold.

Two Jack Lake

twirling was also mandatory on the hike. so was dancing.

Two Jack Lake

when we got down to the lake again, we stopped for a mid-hike snack break of dried mango and apple slices, water and girl talk. we also tried to figure out how the heck we were going to get back up to the path again. this is where the scrambling came in.

Two Jack Lakei’m super thankful the bestie is crazy adventurous. she pushed me to go further on the trail than i probably would have on my own. we both discovered a new path and some ridiculously beautiful scenery.

have you ever been hiking in the rockies? or any mountain?


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wine giggles.

it was one of those great weekends. you know the ones you never want to end, and the ones you are still recovering from on a thursday?! yup. one of those.

my best friend came to visit from Toronto for a long weekend and i went into planning mode to make it so good she wouldn’t leave me. (so that part failed, but i only half cried at the airport when i dropped her off. that’s a big win for me.)

it all started on friday afternoon at winefest.

Rhubarb Wine

it was the perfect afternoon of catching up since we hadn’t seen each other since april of last year. we got to chat while meeting new people and trying new wines.

our vote for people’s choice award was living sky winery, or as we called them the saskatoon cowboys. we put them in the “other” category since their fruit wines weren’t quite the classic white or red. but when a winery pours you a glass of dessert wine and points you in the direction of the bernard callebaut choclate booth, they are a winner in our eyes.

bernard callebaut chocolates

needless to say, we found the chocolate booth and indulged in ice wine filled bites and the most delicious dark pieces with a mixture of herbs and spices blended in.

Food tasting at Winefest

as much as we were there for the wine, the two of us are also pretty big foodies; Andrea more than i. we had to try out all the nibbles.

spicy sausage with herbs, and bruschetta with guac, and local pork loin on a bun, and salted caramel shortbread. it was pretty heavenly.

Andrea with Sake

Andrea found the sake booth first and introduced me to my first taste of sake.

she swears by the stuff, even bringing bottles to house parties – BYOS. i’m not sure what i expected, but i liked one out of the three we tasted, but it wouldn’t be in my next traveller.

part way through the event, the gentlemen at the booth began remembering Andrea and pushing other people to the side to fill her glass. she was happy.

laura with wine

speaking of which, photos should not be taken at an all inclusive wine event after the first hour of being there.

be serious. be serious.

laughingthere was so much laughing happening. we’ll blame it on the time apart and not the wine, okay?

there are about 7,364 more out of focus photos of me laughing in different spots of the building. i’ll spare you.

have you ever been to a wine event like this? have you tried sake? how do you love catching up with your bestie?


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telus about it.

remember when i told you all about my #everystepcounts fitbit challenge with Telus?  it ended on monday. i can’t believe how quickly two weeks passed.

guess what?! i won! my crazy competitive side took a strong hold of me and i ended up getting in 319,616 steps. i know what you’re thinking, and you’re totally right: everything hurts.

Telus Go Bananas

i may have taken Telus’s advice a bit too literal.

ignoring my obsessive tendencies, there are many benefits to wearable fitness tech devices like the fitbit charge.

not everyone gets their workout in a gym; individual fitness calls for tailored devices and apps. with that in mind, Telus built their selection of fitness wearables to help Canadians find the perfect device that match their health and fitness goals.

while i am a gym exerciser – i love yoga, strength training and the lateral elliptical – i’m also very happy hiking, going on doggy walks (when i borrow people’s dogs) and wandering around the city. that’s why the charge works for me, because it tracks both exercise and steps, and monitors my lack of sleep.

Fitbit Charge

to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals, the gems at Telus want to give one s&s reader their very own fitbit charge. so super exciting, right?

open to residents of canada, excluding quebec. winner will be selected on wednesday, february 25. good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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