part and parcel: Jaclyn.

it’s no secret that i’m a fashion lover, but my biggest problem is the cost. i’m not rolling in it, and i need to worry about looking fab on a budget. my friend Jaclyn does just that. this little newlywed shares her sweet style secrets for less on Mrs. Jaclyn Leblanc.

today she opens up her purse (Phillip Lim – to die for) and lets us know where to shop her essentials.

Thank you so much to my sweet friend Laura for asking me to guest post while she’s on her Toronto vaca! Here’s my contribution for her fabulous part & parcel series. I’m always curious what other girls carry in their bag so I hope you like it! xo


1. The bag.
I woke up ridiculously early and ran to my nearest Target to scoop up this Phillip Lim tote. It’s a great neutral color and is perfect for carrying ALL OF THE THINGS. Which you’ll see below.

2. My iPhone + charger.
I think this is a given for me and just about everyone else :) Could not live/work/survive without it, especially since my job is in social media and my husband and I are doing long-distance right now (he’s in Toronto and I’m in Charlotte, NC for now). It’s my lifeline!

3. Macbook Air.
This gets carted around with me more often than I’d like to admit, so thank you, Apple, for creating something so lightweight. Especially when traveling, it’s a lifesaver.

2. My wallet.
This particular one from Kate Spade is on my wish list! Ballet slipper pink and a bow? Sold!

3. At least 3 different lip products.
I am a sucker for lip gloss, lip balm.. really any lip product/treatment.

4. A nail file.
I am desperately trying to stop biting my nails (I did for our wedding and then lost that willpower somewhere) and keeping one of these on hand is key.

5. 2014 planner.
Who else has a weakness for pretty paper? I picked up matching ones for my sister and I in Lilly Pulitzer a few months ago! The bright colors are fun and make it easy to find in my enormous bag because lets face it – I can be a slob.

6. My sunglasses.
Even though when I’m in Toronto I hardly ever get to see the sun. Sorry, but true.

7. Makeup.
I try not to be one of these people who brings their entire makeup bag out with them and usually limit it to concealer, powder and the lip products already mentioned.

8. Ginger chews.
I deal with motion sickness a lot and these help more than anything else I’ve tried. Ginger is amazing for your belly, but that’s another blog post…

9. Randomness.
Headphones, bobby pins, hair ties, earrings, gum, mints, tissues, camera, water, vitamins – these can be lost/found at any given time in my bag!

what’s in your purse? 

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red eye flights are never a good choice.

it seems like forever since i gave you an airport post. guess i should travel more.

but here i am, at midnight, waiting to board a red eye flight to Toronto. arrival of 6:45 am EST. why did i think this was a great idea when booking? if you ever hear of me wanting to book another, please refer me to this post.

packed my earplugs and melatonin, so hopefully i’ll be able to get in a four-hour nap. better than my normal sleeping patterns lately. insomnia is also a bitch. takes one to know one.

for Em, and anyone else who loves a good airport selfie: this is as good as it gets tonight.

this sleepy kitten will see you in the future. aka EST!

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mix one part trendy.

live your notable life. the new war cry of 20 to 30-somethings everywhere? sounds about right four cocktails deep.

a few weeks back i joined 50 or so other young professionals (YP’s) at a event held at the National 10 bourbon room. Bulleit Bourbon cocktails were in the hands of everyone as we mixed and mingled with likeminded YP’s.

signature cocktails and suits for as far as the eye could see? not a bad thursday night for this lady.

bulleit burbon cocktaisl

know about i’ve subscribed to their newsletter since 2010, when i ran into an editor snapping photos at a party in Toronto. their main goal is to connect YP’s to what’s relevant in their city (currently Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal). From profiling YP’s and entrepreneurs, to sourcing the city for events, to sharing the exclusive low-down on a new product on the market, or a new restaurant, they’ve got readers covered.

Over the past few years, has also organized some do-not-miss events.

i like to classify myself as a connector. while i enjoy taking on new opportunities myself, i’m big on matching the right people with the right avenue. as a semi-retired PR professional, i see the benefits of having the best people in place.

this is why i love attending events like’s bourbon night. catching up with current contacts, and collecting new business cards has me stepping up my connector game in Calgary. if rolodexes were still a thing, i’d have a stacked one.

it never hurts a mixer when cocktails are involved; a little liquid courage encourages conversation.

notable and national 10 bourbon room

three times throughout the evening we were handed a cocktail featuring bulleit bourbon and the creator of the drink would tell us all about it.

for me education is a huge plus. i’m not much of a brown liquor drinker. i can’t tell you the flavour notes, what it pairs well with, or how it’s best served. i don’t know much about it except that it’s making a trendy comeback. remember when it was only for old rich men? or maybe i’m just getting old?

my favourite of the night, served in a fancy glass, was the brown derby. seriously try this recipe! it’s boozy-brunch worthy. who says bourbon isn’t a morning drink?

brown derby cocktail

brown derby
makes one serving

  • 1.5 oz bulleit bourbon
  • 1 oz grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed
  • healthy dollop of honey

add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.
shake, and strain into a cocktail glass.

are you a notable YP? are you a bourbon drinker; what’s your favourite cocktail?

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