take a deep breath.

when i turned 30 i think my body hit a new milestone, too. everything hurts – i mean everything, joints, muscles, my hair – i am constantly tired, i’m losing my memory…i swear it’s just old age, don’t google these symptoms. if you did, i’d be dying. i guess it’s pretty much the same thing.

thankfully i haven’t run into wrinkles yet. mostly because i’ve been on the look out for them for years. what i do suffer from is dark circles and bags; because, tired.

i found a product that combats these pesky things: VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. they are made for anti-aging, eliminating fine lines, dark circles, puffy eyes and bags.



the VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask contains a variety of special plant oxygen extracts extracted from a natural herbal formula and deep sea biological extracts to repair the skin around your eyes to reduce dark circles, prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet, and similar issues (aka getting old).

i was sold when i read that applying this mask will give your skin cells additional energy and a stronger capacity to perform self-repair.

plus, look how cute.


the masks are best used shortly before going to sleep, as it is designed to strengthen and hydrate skin over an eight-hour period, improving your skin drastically as you sleep.

two things here:

  1. i love any product that tells you to sleep
  2. when was the last time i got eight hours of sleep?

for point two’s reason, i put them a little bit earlier in the night to make sure they had full time to do their business. 

after brushing my teeth and washing my face, i opened the bag to take out the eye masks. their gel-like texture makes it easy to press on gently, but firmly, so your skin can begin to absorb the important nutrients held by the mask. then i went to bed. seriously an easy routine.

the eye masks stayed in place perfectly as i slept, which is a selling point in itself since i am one of the most violent sleepers out there: tossing, turning, kicking, arm flailing…would you like me to continue my list of some of the reasons i am single?

in the morning, i peeled off the masks to reveal smooth skin; no bags, no dark circles. it was really a lovely thing and i couldn’t stop touching my cool, soft skin.

here are the details: a box retails for $55 and comes with six packets. it’s recommended to use the eye masks two to three times per week for three boxes as a course of treatment.

what are your favourite face/eye beauty products?

things you need to know about sister.

today my favourite person turns 32. *throws confetti, blows streamers, jumps up and down* happy birthday, sister!

she is the best big sister.

she lets me be bossy and spoiled and just laughs about it and sends me cartoons that perfectly depict it. she listens when i meow on the phone, or indulges every neurotic text and email. she always has a shoulder for me.


she’s my biggest fan.

and i know it. no one believes in me or encourages me more than sister. she’s my cheerleader – literally. she’s made me race signs and wants to be at every important event in my life, even if it can only be through phone calls, text and photos.

she is beautiful.

she has these huge brown eyes and long eye lashes. her pale skin blushes perfectly and gives her the cutest rosy cheeks. top it off with the perfect head tilt that makes her look even more adorable; if that were even possible.

she’s brave.

even though she’ll deny it. she’s the one who forges to the top of mountains and drinks in the world around her. she is currently letting life happen and is only freaking out a little about it. 


she is always looking for the positive.

every friday she shares a list of the loveliest things in life on her blog and loves random acts of kindness.

she hates the same people as me.

or at least pretends to and that’s good enough for me. “so, who do we hate?”

she loves bears.

so much so that people are genuinely afraid that she will actually hug one if she sees one – those people might be on the hate list. we saw three in waterton; there is a lot of squealing and squishy hand motions and photos. 

sister time and Montagne Jeunesse face masks

i wish i could be road tripping with you, blasting the jersey boys sound track (read: cry for me twenty times in a row), singing at the top of our lungs and shopping at target. i would even drive.

festival season.

it’s festival season! nope, not the one that involves outdoor concerts and questionable bathing habits. i’m talking wine festival season.

specifically, this weekend in calgary is the rocky mountain wine and food festival. it is only the largest and most exciting wine and food event in alberta to sample an extensive variety of wine, scotch, import beer and spirits. not to mention gourmet food samples for local restaurants and hotels.


that’s what gets me. i’m always so interested in seeing what food samplings are being offered. this year nearly 50 local restaurants and food purveyors will be bursting with flavour, cooking up a variety of gourmet culinary creations.

i’m not too much of a drinker – bubbles aside. but my plan of attack at these festivals is always to try something new. one year i was all about reds, and last year i tried sake for the first time.

mix them together, and they usually lead to many giggles and out of focus blog photos.

lucky for you, i get to giveaway a pair of tickets to the saturday, october 17 afternoon session (12-4 p.m.) the ticket includes free entry into the festival but winners will have to purchase tasting coupons.

to enter: leave a comment and tell me how you plan to attack the festival!

winner will be selected at random on thursday, october 15 at 11:30 a.m. attendees must be 18+.

part and parcel: team fab.

i’ve missed part and parcel; haven’t you?

this go around, i’m really excited to introduce you to team fab: ryan, megan and ksenia. if you’ve never read immrfabulous.com i’ll wait for you to go check it out.

you’re back? great! onward.

as you know now, the fab team brings you the best in events, fashion, food, diy, products and are always in the know.


who better to spill the contents of their bags to let us know what’s hot in their pocket?

moral of their story: wear your SPF, kids. creep on!

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.18.07 PM

jack black lip balm

other lip balms are so shiny they have me looking like i’ve just finished a bucket of chicken, but jack black has designed a balm with men in mind. it’s mostly matte and incredibly moisturizing. and the best part, it has an SPF component which protects my lips from sun damage.

e.l.f. HD powder

i have a giant forehead, which i’ve grown to love, and when i need to de-shine it for on-air appearances i dust it with this perfect powder. it’s not only lightweight, it gives my face that flawless 1980 glamour shot look!


two years ago i won a swarovski encrusted travalo during NYFW and it has traveled with me ever since. this ingenious device allows you to easily transfer perfume or cologne from your larger bottle into its 5ml chamber so you can enjoy your favourite scent wherever you go.



Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.18.18 PM

peter thomas roth instant mineral SPF in 45

the sun and i are total frenemies, so this incredibly portable, transparent matte mineral powder in SPF 45 is my absolute bestie.  

michael kors envelope wallet

i try to run a streamlined, bulk-free wallet scenario. chaos can reign inside wallet walls so i combat that with this little wonder wallet. it holds just enough and even fits into my smallest party clutch.

m.a.c.’s lipstick in ‘russian red’

with this on, you can leave your house in a bath towel and still look perfectly put together. (laura’s note: i think i’ve done this once. i rocked it.)


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.18.28 PM

fresh sugar rosé SPF 15

i LOVE the ‘just kissed’ look this lip tint gives me. It makes me feel put together without seeming overly done.

lancôme hypnose mascara

after touring a show across canada, i learned the hard way to always keep a bit of make-up in my bag for impromptu press/events and this mascara is spot on for any circumstance!

crabtree & evelyn hand therapy

these creams are quality products with many scents to choose from depending on my mood, small enough for a carry-on and mild enough to double for under-eye creme on long flights, as the only baggage one should ever carry is in her hand.

what’s in your bag?