i found this piece of graffiti while waking down the street. it reminds me of my loving and hilarious grandma, who adds extra a’s to a lot of her words. it must be the italian coming through. 

it’s been an incredibly busy few days running around toronto like a psychopath trying to visit grandma and all my girlfriends. 

after eating too much and hearing all the gossip at grandma’s, i jumped on the subway to meet up with Rebecca and Mary (and their respective plus ones) for dinner. i got to the neighbourhood early, so i killed time reading in reunion coffee in roncesvalles, eavesdropping on conversations between pages and sips. 

the truth is: i will judge you. and by the sounds of the two 20-year-olds beside me talking about living in Toronto (with all of the t’s pronunced) and New York City (yup, all three words), you can put money on them from being from Peterborough or Grimbsy, or the like. 

i smiled to my little judgemental self. ahhh, feels like home. then i walked quickly and crossed the road mid-street. i’m not sure i could be happier. 

i fifth wheeled at dinner, but as Jess said, “your date shall be the tiramisu (which is arguably better than most significant others).” she’s happily married, but understands what a good dessert can do for a girl. 

i can’t disagree, plus i make a pretty fantastic tag along. well, at least i did when i had more interesting stories to tell. i’ve been quite boring lately. 

the next days saw ramen with andrea, brunch with Sonja and drinks with Jenn, before i jumped back on the train and out of the city. 

great food, wine, more wine, more food, it feels like i do nothing but eat and talk while visiting. i’m not complaining, they are my two favourite activities. 

spending so much time with sister and these incredible ladies has me so heartsick. my soul knows when it’s at home – in the peacefulness of the mountains and the craziness of toronto. 


happy Friday, ya’ll!

i have an absolutely horrible time remembering what day of the week it is when i’m on vacation. i kept thinking it was thursday until sister asked me if i had written a blog post yet today. oopsies!

so here we are!

we are having an incredible time catching up, like when we talked about people who are the worst while we went for a walk through the park to get starbucks. you know, normal sister things. we get along the best because we hate the same people.

we spent the morning grocery shopping, making pierogi dough and filling – assembly comes after lunch – and sister made three loaves of christmas bread. the bridgmans go hard! no matter what city we’re in, it always feels special that we keep these same traditions.

and it’s not only food, we have some serious movie traditions: meet me in st. louis, white christmas, sound of music, the holiday, and muppet family christmas. they are watched on specific days, at specific times, too. i really haven’t smiled so big in a while. thanks to sister, it feels like home. being with her is my favourite ever.

merry christmas, my lovies!

i’m pretty convinced that part and parcel is everyone’s favourite feature because we’ve got a group of voyeurs on our hands here at s&s. and that? that i like!

so here we go again! this time, let’s welcome leslie.

i met her through other calgary bloggers, and i’m quite thankful i did. she’s so cheerful, positive and supportive, not to mention funny and loves shoes so much it says so in her social media handles. (@Leslieluvsshoes). the sad part of just getting to know her, liking her, and having great monogram coffee dates with her, is that she’s moving out of the country! *sad face* but the good news with that is i’ll have someone to visit in texas.

leslie has some interesting things in her purse, and lucky for us, she’s sharing!


sephora blotting papers

i constantly struggle with oily skin and having bangs just compounds the issue. i have packages of these tucked literally everywhere and use them several times a day. they are amazing! i may also be known to encourage my husband to use them as well if i think he looks shiny (ha ha).

toe soxx

remembering socks for barre is something i am not good at. for a while i was always forgetting them and having to buy new pairs or renting (i don’t really like the concept of renting socks, YUCK!). literally the only solution is having a pair (or several) in my purse at all times.


this one is an odd one. my massage therapist recommend this for anytime i was sick or getting sick for immunity boosting and i absolutely swear by it. i always have a bottle with me in case i start feeling like i am coming down with something.


i used to be terrible at wearing my glasses (i really only need them for distance) but since i got these super cute Kate Spade ones i don’t mind wearing them as much.


hello Calgary dry weather! this is a must in my purse since i feel like my lips are always dry.

nuun tablets

the grape ones especially. i find mid-afternoon when i want something sweet this usually does the trick (sometimes i mix it with carbonated water and it feels like i am having a pop). they are also perfect for hydration when i am travelling and am struggling to get enough water in.

paper schedule

i have everything in my iPhone calendar but always have a paper version of the month printed out that i have tracked my workouts and anything else i have going on. i really need to invest in a proper planner…

what are some of your daily essentials?