who runs the world?

on sunday, may 24, i’ve having the ultimate girls day….multiplied by, like, 1,000.

i’ll be taking part in the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women. and am very honoured and excited to be sharing this experience with Angela and Kaella.


this race is extra special to me because all proceeds from the run go to support Women’s Mental Health programs – as women are three times more likely than men to suffer from depression.

this is a stat i know too well as mental health is a cause near and dear to my heart and my mind. you can read some of my past mental health posts here and here.

for both my mental and physical health, exercise has always played a role in my life, and much more so now, mainly because numerous studies have shown that aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 25 minutes can have the same effect on your brain chemistry as antidepressant drugs (which i don’t want to take) and structured talk therapy (which i love). it is also great for reducing anxiety and stress.


i haven’t bought new runners in about three years, and the hole in the top of my old ones was the real tipping point to get some new shoes. the people at running room are so super helpful, and the cutest nicest gent helped me slip into these hot pink and purple Brooks ravenna 6‘s. (side note: they also match the race colours. coordination coincidence at it’s finest)

i’ll be shuffling along the 5k, while Ange and Kaella will be busting out the 10k option as part of their marathon training. there is also a 5k/10k walk option as well as a 1k race for girls under 12 – so cute! – there really is something for every lady of any ability.

i’m not much of a runner, and since i broke my leg a few years back, my reconstructed ankle likes to call the shots – she’s a fickle b! – but i’m giving it a good try.

unnamed-1i guess you could say my training is going pretty great.

(on that note, you should follow me on snapchat: laurabridgman. lately it’s been a lot of weird workout pants and selfies….but also, ice cream.)

as long as i cross the finish line i’ve had a successful race in my books, no matter the time or how i get there.

if you think a boost of endorphins could be what you need, why not join us on sunday? not in calgary? here’s a list of other canadian cities where you can sign up for the Shoppers Drug Mart Run For Women to help support women’s mental health programs.

what makes you run?

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57 things i think in barre class.

as a former dancer, i was thrilled a few years ago when barre fitness class became all the rage, and even happier to see that it’s a fitness trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

i miss the dance studio, and even though i was never that great at ballet (read: i’m short and chubby – the antithesis of ballerina), it feels nice to rest my hand on the barre.

after religiously throwing myself back into barre for the last month or so, i’ve become a bit obsessed…even though it doesn’t get any easier! (!!) everything still hurts, because isometric movements were created by the devil.


here is what goes through my head during an average class:

  1. i planned my entire day around coming to this class. i’m so pumped.
  2. the change room is packed, why are there so many women here?
  3. please let there be a spot in the back.
  4. how am i sweating already? we aren’t even done the warm up.
  5. i am going to have the best arms. ever.
  6. tank tops. even in the winter.
  7. how can 3 lbs. weights cause so much pain?
  8. it’s burning. everything is burning.
  9. i swear i did ballet for years.
  10. i still have a pretty port de bras.
  11. i wonder when the next instructor training is? i’m going to teach this.
  12. teeny. tiny. pulses.
  13. pretty sure she said “last eight” two counts of eight ago.
  14. i love this song.
  15. my legs may spontaneously combust.
  16. no fire extinguisher.
  17. maybe i can wear shorts this summer.
  18. inner thigh jiggle. what is that? what IS that?
  19. no shorts.
  20. it’s only been 23 minutes?
  21. why did i ever think i’d be able to teach this?
  22. i’m pretty sure this is what dying feels like.
  23. this studio is seriously beautiful.
  24. i wonder who designed it?
  25. i need to redecorate my apartment.
  26. this is doing amazing things for my butt.
  27. i have a great butt.
  28. she wants me to do what?!
  29. my leg doesn’t do that.
  30. “down an inch, up an inch” is going to be in my nightmares.
  31. each time my shirt moves i can feel the sweat run down my back.
  32. ew. don’t look in the mirror.
  33. squee! so much Janet on this playlist.
  34. do not make eye contact while doing pelvic tucks.
  35. oh god, eye contact with the instructor. that’s awkward.
  36. look down.
  37. it’s like a room full of sex moves.
  38. duffman is thrusting out of control.
  39. is it okay to look up yet?
  40. standing abs are a thing, and they are really real.
  41. my abs are in there somewhere and they are burning.
  42. everyone is so young and so fit.
  43. how do these girls afford head-to-toe lululemon?
  44. i’m wearing $12 pants from old navy.
  45. and they have a hole in them.
  46. another cardio blast?
  47. my boob may pop out of my top.
  48. why does no one make workout tops for chicks with boobs?
  49. i thought today maybe we could just skip the second set of abs?
  50. seems like the instructor and i are not on the same page with abs.
  51. yay forward fold!
  52. i’m, like, super bendy.
  53. am i the only one that thinks clapping at the end of class is weird?
  54. cool, wet, aromatherapy towels are the greatest thing in the world.
  55. how does every other girl still have perfect hair after class?
  56. i miss dance.
  57. i wonder when the next instructor training is? i’m going to teach this.

what goes through your head in barre class?

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and then.

  • it’s one of those weeks. my yoga mat has been my best friend and favourite place to be. when i’ve needed to just melt into a puddle and cry it has been there for me….and then i read this love letter from my mat and it all was spot on.
  • sister comes through like every friday with a big dose of positivity….and then i  put on cake batter chapstick, and sang beauty & the beast songs while i smelled like vanilla with rainbow sprinkles cake.

national siblings day

  • speaking of sister, it’s national siblings day. that weirdo is my favourite person on the planet….and then i realize we’re even weirder together so it’s even that much better.
  • i was pretty intrigued to meet a tinder stranger this week, but sadly he ended up unjustifiably cocky and i went to an event dateless… and then i ended up with numerous dates because these are the most lovely people.


  • i signed up for two 5km races in may because i’m all about facing my fears this year…and then wondered why i’d do that because i can’t remember the last time i went for a run.
  • if you’re in calgary do yourself a favourite and go see kurios – the newest cirque production. i went to see it last night and i rank it at the top of the three i’ve seen…and then i googled circus classes.

what’s an “and then” moment you’ve had lately?

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