i think a lot of people are realizing how unhealthy it can really be to dine out all the time – plus so expensive! cooking at home is the answer, but when you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so, it can be quite intimidating. that’s why meal delivery services have become all the rage.

i’ve heard about HelloFresh, but when i found out they were now shipping Canada-wide, i wanted to give them a try. while i love to meal plan and cook, i really hate to grocery shop because of the crowds and lines. i’ve tried to overcome this by going late on a saturday night, or setting an alarm for early sunday morning but it’s still near the top of my like list.


HelloFresh offers the opportunity to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals without the hassle. eliminating the need to plan or shop, HelloFresh delivers delicious and satisfying meals that are easy, stress-free and fun to make in just about 30 minutes.

you simply pick three meals from their weekly online menu, and they get delivered straight to your door the next week.


besides giving you all the ingredients you need, each meal kit contains step-by-step recipes that include nutritional information, making nutritional education simple. this was extra important to me, because i like to know what’s in my food.

after taking out all of the individually wrapped items, i was concerned about the amount of waste it would create. thankfully there was a note inside the box that let me know that it’s all recyclable. HelloFresh will even take back the packaging and recycle it for you.


the three meals i selected were:

  • steak au poivre with creamed kale and cheesy hasselback potatoes
  • dukkah-roasted chicken with citrus sour cream
  • kung pao mushrooms and broccoli

there was also a pasta option, but i was looking for the healthiest of healthy options.

true to their promise, HelloFresh provided all of the perfectly portioned ingredients and instructions, and i finished cooking each dish in just over 30 minutes.

the recipes were just far enough outside of my comfort zone. while the roast chicken with sweet potato and snap peas is something i’d normally make, i’ve never tried dukkah spice. i also don’t like to cook steak for myself, but after following the directions it came out perfect!


it’s hard to pick a favourite dish because they were all so different. each recipe made two servings so i was able to take leftovers for my lunch the next day. i had a lot of jealous coworkers when they got a smell of what i was warming up.

i keep checking the menus and figuring out the next time i’m going to order. want to give it a try? use the code SCRIBBLES50 to receive 50% off your first box!

thanks HelloFresh for making this blog post, and my simple meal planning possible.

i went boxing at UNDRCARD studio last night with the blog squad girls and Jess. it’s a super fun workout; i really enjoy punching things and getting my aggression out. sadly, i threw a funny punch near the beginning of the class and feel like i’ve broken my hand. i’m sure it’s just a sprain or something, but i’m having a horrendous time using my right hand. it’s swollen and bruised, and if this pain keeps up i’ll get some x-rays done to make sure i didn’t do anything serious. leave it to me to be ultimately clumsy.

i’ve always known hands are kind of important, but once you’ve hurt your dominant hand, you don’t really realize how many mindless things you do with it. regularly simple things like doing up my bra, pulling up my pants, and blowing my nose have all been much more difficult this morning. i do love putting pen to paper, but at this time i’m much happier that technology has taken over. i can still type slowly, but trying to hold a pen has been a challenge.

more important news of the day: sister gets the keys to her condo! i’m so excited for her. it’s been a year and a half in the making! i’m sad i can’t be at home to help her paint, like i did for her first place, but i’m really pumped to see it in may when i’m home for a visit.

oh ya, i booked a flight to go home for a week in may over the long weekend! i’ve got a good dose of toronto homesickness happening, so may can’t come soon enough.

don’t have many plans for the weekend, which is good because i feel like i haven’t slept at all this week. i get to see Erin’s new place, and try a brunch place up in the northwest by her that i’ve been wanting to go to for a while – i just never had a reason to drive that far for brunch before.

what’s up this weekend?

yoga is something me and H bonded over right from the beginning. and dance, because duh. so when it’s date night planned drake yoga, we knew we had long weekend plans.

champagne papi makes for a different kind of yoga class, but what’s a life with no fun?

commonwealth is one of my favourite venues in the city because of its decor: huge windows, exposed brick, leather tufted sofas, chains, great art, and bold wallpaper. if i’m going dancing, this is where you’ll find me.

while my old ass rarely goes out dancing anymore, i did love going there in the middle of the day on a saturday to enjoy a vigorous yoga flow. our mats were squished side by side on the dance floor, while the instructor took the stage.

we danced through sun salutations, wild thing and goddess pose, while a dj spun drake tunes and the disco balls spun overhead. well, at least heather and i danced. we shook our ass, and laughed and smiled through the class. it seems like the other attendees were much more structured and shy when it came to enjoying themselves.

it only solidified that i had the best date there. i love bad bitches.

heather is a yoga badass, even with her huge leg brace. she can do so much in it, but we did find out that it gets in the way of being able to do arm balances like crow pose. she tried, we laughed, and then laughed some more.

after class, we were treated to brunch by chef pigot from home & away. the line was pretty long so we decided to head to the bar first for truebuch kombucha mimosas.

we brought our glasses of champagne out on the dance floor to stand in line for food. between making line friends and catching up, we speculated what we’d be eating. to keep it a bit of a surprise, we only got to pick sweet or savoury. the rest of the menu was not revealed until brunch was placed in our hands.

we both picked savoury, which ended up being a roasted beet benedict with tots.

it was incredible! i love beets, but would never think of putting them in an eggs benedict. clearly, i’ve been missing out, because the earthiness from beets paired perfectly with the richness of egg yolk and hollandaise.

while i wished the crowd was a little less uptight, overall i was really impressed by the detail it’s date night put into the event.

we considered stealing drake balloons but decided to leave on good terms. i walked home in the snow with a smile on my face. the rest of my weekend was spent at home in my favourite drake way:  sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on.

have you ever done a theme yoga class?