part and parcel: Chrissy.

i love nicknames. my best friend and i had one for every guy we dated. looking back at it, i can barely remember their real names, but i know every nickname associated with each gem.

Chrissy loves them, too. i don’t know about her dating life, but her friends all get a delicious alias – it only makes sense for a food blogger. along with drool-worthy recipes, Chrissy details her travels on her blog the hungary buddha eats the world.

from healthy to decadent, europe to alaska, Chrissy writes about it all. not surprisingly, her purse has a very similar theme. let’s take a peek.

for a long time i didn’t even carry a purse. i was a tomboy to the nth degree, and a purse just seemed so…girly. it took me until after college, really, to get over it. maybe after law school? anyway, i was a late bloomer when it comes to purses, but now that i’m old i’ve made up for lost time, and they’re one of my favourite things to buy.

what’s in mine? well, not too many exciting things, but here we go:

a little thing of vaseline
i’m a mouth breather (tmi?) and so have the driest lips on the planet. chapstick just doesn’t cut it.

why does my nose always drip? and not just in the winter!

for a long time, i just had a wristlet that i used as a wallet and my friends mocked me endlessly, particularly when the “leather” on it started to crack. finally, i got myself a big girl wallet and i’m particularly fond of mine from stella & dot.

a pen
more specifically, a fun pen that i won’t forget and that no one will want to steal. since i just got back from Disney, the one i currently carry has Mickey ears.

an umbrella
i used to live in Chicago (until 2 months ago!) and always had an umbrella because…you never know. also, it was a hard core, two layer windproof umbrella because….Chicago. anyway, old habits die hard and i still carry it around.

gotta have chocolate, usually one of a little fancier variety that i want to eat square by square rather than all at once. whatever chocolate bar i have tends to actually last quite a while because, if i’m honest, i’m an excellent ration-er of treats. currently: vosges blood orange caramel (a stowaway from Chicago).

usually of the hotel stowaway variety. currently, i’m using this lovely grapefruit scent from H20.

a gazillion receipts (not pictured)
why do i hoard receipts? i don’t know, but there are always at least three loose ones messing up the works.

international currency
i’m not so good at cleaning out my purse or my wallet. i usually have leftover currency from wherever i traveled last. currently: $5CAD and a few loonies.

because you never know when there will be a postcard emergency.

what are your purse essentials?